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Dayton Scouting Report

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March 16, 2014 at 11:44pm

So I am the kind of guy that can really only like one team for each sport. In college football, having gone to Ohio State, its the buckeyes. For basketball however, its Dayton, having gone to games with my dad since I was a kid. I root for OSU but my heart is with Dayton in basketball. That being said I figured I'd give a brief scouting report on what I've seen from the Flyers this year for people who aren't too familiar with them.

Dayton started off the year strong going into the Maui Invitational undefeated. They beat Gonzaga to start out. They lead Baylor in the next game for all but 16 secs and lost by one on a missed tip in at the buzzer. Dayton then closed out a successful Maui trip with a drubbing of Cal (albeit without their best big man). The Flyers had a couple ups and downs the rest of the non conference but ultimately finished 12-3.

The early conference schedule was brutal and that couple with poor play and untimely injuries saw Dayton get off to a 1-5 start. It looked like yet another year where they start out hot and fade in conference. They were able to turn things around though and finished the regular season 10-6 in conference and one of the hottest teams in the country. They lost a tough game on a bad non call to St. Joes in the A-10 quarters.

This is a team that is very deep. Playing as many as 11 guys significant minutes each game. Because they are so deep they like to run a fast paced offense, trying to get the ball up the floor as fast as possible. There is no go to guy on the roster but instead a group of 3-4 guys that are capable of putting up 15-20 on any given night. This is nice to have if a guy like Sibert or Oliver have off nights but there are definately times where this team has missed having a "go to guy".

Not a ton of height on the roster. Three players rotate the 5 position but only one is over 6'9". None of the three are reliable scorers. The guard play is the strength of this team. We shoot alot of threes and at a pretty decent percentage. At times this season this team has struggled defensively. Whether its a lack of focus or poor fundamentals I'm not sure.

Ive watched OSU several times this year and their height and athleticism could pose problems for Dayton inside. I think that one of the things that benefits Dayton in this game is that OSU is a poor shooting team. Dayton is a good rebounding team even despite often having the size disadvantage.

Ultimately I think Dayton can pull off the upset if the Buckeyes have a poor shooting day. Regardless of who wins I will be rooting for them in round 2.

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Just in case you might have missed it but tOSU has had about 30 bad shooting games and has won over 20 of them. I respect the shit out of Dayton and they are a very dangerous team but tOSU has had many many bad shooting games but still has managed to pull it out somehow. We really seem to struggle against teams that can force a lot of TOs and play solid disciplined zonefor large stretches at a time. Do you guys have any defensive specialists? Or a true rim protector? How about a couple of guards who can lock you down? What D does Dayton play most of the time? Not trying to be a smart ass Im asking honest questions from somebody who has watched them alot more then myself.

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Thanks for the write up  Bluke221!

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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This Buckeye team would make buttering bread look hard, so an upset is certainly possible, but I wonder if Dayton has seen Defense like the Buckeyes can bring?  It would be sweet to see the Buckeyes play to their potential as they will certainly need to do that if they make it to Saturday!

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They played against VCU, who has pretty good defense and leads the nation in steals. Looking at the box score it looks like they might have struggled a little with the pressure. Dayton had 18 TOs in the game. Hopefully we can force turnovers and that some of those turnovers will turn into some easy fastbreak points for the Bucks.

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Great writeup BLUKE. And you're right UD did get screwed at the end of that quarterfinal. Ohio State better not get caught looking ahead to Syracuse, the Flyers have like a 12-6 record against teams from power conferences in recent history.

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Craft needs to play Defense on Sibert the whole game and shut him down, I'll feel very confident if he can do that. Syracuse is not guaranteed a win with how they have played of late and if you have seen WMU play they shoot the 3 crazy good, one way to beat a 2-3 zone obviously as we all know. If we do win and face Syracuse, we still have the "man" of that game in Lenzelle even though his play has been bad as of late. He was hit with some magic then why not again? This will be an interesting tourney guys, we always play our best in the tourney. Don't agree just go back and watch our execution in those games (besides vs WSU in the sweet 16 last year)

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enjoyed reading the scouting report Bluke221----------------------------> Go Bucks

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Well done Bluke...I have a soft spot for Dayton as well as my recently deceased father was stationed there in the Air Force at Wright/Pat. Will be an intriguing game.

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I think Sibert will try too hard against his old team. I'm expecting either a big game from him or a dud. His ability to play under control will be a huge factor. 

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I think that could be the case for a lot of the guys on Dayton's roster.  All the prognosticators want to talk about is Dayton playing with a chip on their shoulder and with something to prove, but how many times do we see a team with that exact mentality fall flat because they are too hyped, too focused on proving themselves, rather than the task at hand as a team.

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Just interested, Bluke, what you think the final score will be Thursday?


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@ Colerain To answer your questions. Dayton typically plays a man to man. I can't remember very many times they went into a zone this year. Maybe that's something they will try against Ohio State. Our two best defenders are pg Khari Price and g Kyle Davis. I would not call them lock down but I would consider them solid. We don't have any true rim protector but as a team we blocked alot more shots this year than I thought we would. Overall Dayton has been rather poor at times on defense. Recently they've been better. They really seem to struggle with not fouling on drives which OSU likes to do. I think OSU shooting poorly is just about the only way Dayton can win because beating teams down the floor in transition is one of our strengths. Like you said though, OSU has become very good at overcoming poor shooting to win games.


@Mh277907 I think it will be a low scoring game which plays into Ohio State's hands imo. I think Archie Miller would love this to be an 85-80 type game. Dayton has also performed well in the underdog role against BCS schools over the last few years. I could see it going either way. My heart says Dayton wins, maybe around 75-72, but my gut says its Ohio State closer to 65-55.



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Great write up thanks Bluke221! I'm have a similar dilemma as I'm a born and raised Buckeye but a UD grad.

Because I couldn't go for three.


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