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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The entire 2002 football season which I got to enjoy as a sophomore on campus.
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Comment 12 May 2016

Everything in my post was made up. I was trying to channel my inner Onion, Guess I did it too well lol.

Comment 12 May 2016

Excerpt from a Mike Bianchi article in the paper...

Rumors swirling out of Gainesville that a 2017 Florida recruit, Bruce Judson will be opening his recruitment back up. Speculation that Judson is interested in two schools, Alabama and Pitt. Trouble arose last week when Florida coaches were unable to remember the details of a family vacation Judson took when he was ten years old. A vacation he has long considered the best of his life.

"Its tough man you know. That was the trip of a lifetime and when something that important to you is apparently not important to people at Florida, it hurts."  Judson was quoted as saying to the Orlando Sentinel.

This is now the second incident with forgetfulness that Judson has been involved in. It has been reported that he soured on Ohio State when Head Coach Satan Meyer foolishly forgot his name.

As for his current targets, both Bama and Pitt may just offer what Judson considers important from a school. Bama head coach Nick Saban reportedly made a phone call to Judson at his home to remind him that an elephant never forgets. As for Pitt, it seems Judson is impressed by former Pitt offensive lineman Mark May's inability to forget a crushing defeat he suffered at the hands of the Buckeyes back in the 80's.

"When I see May on TV" Judson said, "I'm impressed by his ability to hold onto the memory of that loss. You can see it in how he carries himself on TV. If Pitt players can have that kind of memory, then it might be the place for me."

Only time will tell where Judson ultimately ends up but this is one recruitment we're sure to not forget....anytime soon.


Comment 23 Feb 2016

Insufferable. Only announcer that has ever caused me to deliberately not watch a game. I don't know how anybody can stand working with him.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

I see it now! Reading comprehension failure on my part.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Im not the most fluent twitterer, but im not sure what, about his twitter, is giving you concern. Looks like all the of most recent stuff was on him signing his letter.

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Agree with this wholeheartedly. Equally as annoying to have to sift through irrelevant posts calling out multiple threads as it is to sift through multiple threads.

Comment 19 Jan 2016

Shamelessly commenting to receive completely unwarranted internet kudos.

Well done yesterday to all of the folks here at 11W.

Comment 31 Dec 2015

My highschool here in Dayton had a series of motivational speakers attend during my senior year. One speaker was Todd Blackledge which was really cool. Another was Rudy. He had very slurred speech and was difficult to understand. He talked for about 15 minutes and then showed 30 minutes of clips from the movie and walked off the stage. It was horrible.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

General Grievances

I hate thread hijackers (not just this site but all forums)

I hate memes. I hate memes that oppose my opinion and I hate memes that support my opinion. I hate that people think posting a meme is in anyway comparable to a rational thought.

I hate the whole "oh something is popular, let me tell you how much I don't like the popular phenomenon and you can see how cool and non conforming I am" See Facebook post "Am I the only one that doesn't care about Star Wars?!?"

Grievance of the Day

Reds fans who are bitching about the team trading their favorite players as if its some kind of personal attack. Said fans express almost zero understanding of the mechanics involved in building a competitive team as well as the current talent/financial situation of the club. This is bugging the shit out of me right now lol.

Comment 30 Nov 2015

Had to watch with a Michigan die hard. Every catch Butt made..."That's a guy you guys need to watch out for all game." Halftime..."I'm happy so far. We played poorly and you guys played well. Will be a different story in the 2nd half." Fourth Quarter...."I thought we might lose but I never thought it would be this bad." End of game....."I'll say one thing, Harbaugh won't forget this. This will stick in his mind and he will come in pissed next year." (repeated about 10 times)

Fuck him.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Amber Rose in Dayton has amazing paprikash.

Comment 19 Nov 2015

I have a source within the University that has close ties with the Environmental Sciences department that Zeke is quitting football to become an Entomologist.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

From up on the banks of the Red Cedar

Comes a team with a limited leader

It won't matter much

Because the Buckeyes will punch

These bastards directly in the peter.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Ytown is having an egg salad sandwich that was made in a factory 3 weeks ago, cut diagonally, packaged in a white plastic container

Comment 10 Nov 2015

With Barrett there is new look,

And this offense will start to cook.

We take home the illi-buck,

Because those Illini sure suck.

And exorcise the ghost of Ron Zook.

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Highly recommend a visit to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum just north of Tahquamenon Falls and Paradise, Michigan. Yes yes, I know, its in Michigan, but once you get past West Branch on I75 its a completely different state and eventually you are further from Ann Arbor than we are here in Ohio.

Comment 04 Nov 2015

1) Clemson

2) LSU

3) Ohio State

4) Baylor

5) Michigan St.

6) Florida

7) TCU

8) Notre Dame

9) Alabama

10) Iowa

Comment 04 Nov 2015

How many times per minute must a swallow beat its wings in order to maintain air-speed velocity?

Comment 04 Nov 2015

1) Ohio State First String

2) Ohio State Second String

3) Houston Cougars

4) James Madison

5) Detroit Lions