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Evolution of The Seminoles helmet

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August 29, 2014 at 6:36pm

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Whether you like FSU or not...  That's a great way to present those helmets...

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Cool idea.  I'm digging their new helmet.  Love the matte finish.

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Didn't Burt Reynolds have a lot to do with the integration of the alternate uniforms at FSU, which ended up being some of the first alternate unis anywhere.

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Yeah, he used to contribute to new uni's and was very close with Bowden.  Below is a tidbit taken from an article I was reading.  Burt was also responsible for the White Pants uniform they wore and the ALL Garnet uniforms they wore.  My oldest bro went to FSU, so I have been to a number of games there.  Fantastic place to see a game.  So different from an Ohio State game, but fun as well. 

Bowden has mentioned that he and Reynolds designed the arrow helmet together.  Monk Bonasorte was an FSU safety and All-American who now directs the fabulously successful Varsity Club program.  “Back in 1979 when I played, our uniforms were actually in kind of poor condition.  They were patched up because uniforms were expensive and the school didn’t have a lot of money,” he says.  “Burt bought the first set of gold pants – they were actually called Notre Dame gold.  It was the first time we’d had new uniforms in awhile.”  Reynolds bought the first set of all-garnet uniforms too, and had some of his Hollywood pals tweak the design

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The two helmets for this year are sharp

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Very cool. 

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The alternate helmet is sweet. 

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Boy that '62 helmet seems a bit racist... maybe worse than the Indians mascot.

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