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Comment 23 hours ago

Idk about you... but I'm dying to know what kind of collage Cameron Chambers picks on Friday... paper collage?  collage painting?  digital collage?  mosaic collage?  decoupage collage?

Comment 23 hours ago

Never knew it was there.  Thanks for pointing it out.  Nice little easter egg.

Comment 23 hours ago

We all need to "shut it down" after Nelly - Country Grammar post/comment.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

1.) Archie Griffin

  • 1 of 8 OSU 3x All-America selections
  • 2x (1973 & 1974) Team MVP
  • Most Rushing Yards - Career (5,589)

2.) Eddie George

  • 1995 All-America
  • 1995 Team MVP
  • 2nd most Rushing Yards - Career (3,768)

3.) Carlos Hyde

  • 6th most Rushing Yards - Career (3,198)

4.) Chris Wells

  • 2x (2007 & 2008) Team MVP
  • 4th most Rushing Yards - Career (3,382)

Wells is behind El Guapo for me, personally.  Wells was too soft (IMO). I'll never forget @ Illinois (I believe it was) where we gave Wells the ball on our own goaline, and before even crossing the LOS, he pulled up, grabbed his leg like he was shot, and just completely coughed up the football. It was unbelievable.  PLUS, Hyde had the better average between the two (6.1 yards vs. Wells' 5.8),

5.) Toss-up between Keith Byars and Tim Spencer (tend to lean to giving the nod to Byars).

Honorable mention:

  • Antonio Pittman (most underrated Buckeye RB, IMO)
  • Maurice Clarett (yes... that Maurice ClarettThe guy was unstoppable, and I truly believe had he played 3 years, he would be our all-time Rushing Yards - Career holder. His talent was out-of-this-world. Still to this day, not sure I've seen an RB mean more to his team than MoC.  People forget the magical play where he stripped all-world Sean Taylor and saved our national championship hopes. What could have been...)
  • Chic Harley (another 1 of 8 OSU 3x All-America)
  • Lew Hinchman (another 1 of 8 OSU 3x All-America)
Comment 26 Jul 2014

Why is it ok for Stacy Elliott to talk/tweet to recruits, yet if a "fan" tweets something like "would love to see you in Columbus with so-and-so" it's the-worst-thing-on-planet-earth?! I don't understand. I get that certain people can go too far and say some pretty stupid stuff, but in the example above, what would be wrong with that?

I get so sick of writers acting like "we're the only ppl that can/should ever tweet w these kids" etc etc etc. Please explain how it's any different. If someone wants to share some love to their favorite recruit in a pro/positive way, and they say nothing negative about the player or other schools, who the frick cares!

Comment 25 Jul 2014

My 'Cool Story, Bro' moment ironically involves Robert Rose too.  One day (when I still lived in Cleveland) I was driving home thru downtown.  I had just gotten off an exit near the west side of d/t and I see this ginormous of a man walking across the street.  I immediately knew he was someone because of his pure size, so of course me being the super-sports fan I am, I got all excited.  I quickly realize after I see his face it's Rob Rose.  I roll down the window and yell out, "Wassup Rose?"  He turns around and holds his hand up in the air and acknowledges me.  I then proceeded to ask him "Who you with?" (because he was walking with two little guys and I figured one was likely/probably Ray Small... I know, lol @ me) and his reply was "just some my boys".  I then threw up the "O-H" and he replied with "I-O".

I know... I'm so cool.  #CoolStoryBro

Also... 2nd #CoolStoryBro... my girlfriend and I were in Vegas this past weekend, and I see this talk guy playin craps all by himself in the Bellagio.  He's decked out in OSU gear... OSU hat... OSU shirt... OSU shorts... the shirt reads OSU Basketball... looks like some 'official' gear too.  Guy is relatively tall (maybe 6'4" ?)... I know this has to be a former OSU bball player.  So... I kinda stand there and watch a little... one of the table guys sees me wearing a Cleveland Buckeyes shirt and says..."Oh no... not another one of you guys".  The tall guy turns his head and sees me and smiles (seeing the Buckeye shirt) and we start making small talk.  I tell him I didn't understand/know how to play craps, so he tried teaching me a little.  I didn't want to hover too long and mess up any streak/ju-ju he might have had going... so I tried soaking it all in and then leaving him be.  About 2-4 hrs later, my girlfriend and I are walking back thru the Bellagio and sure enough... there's the same guy - now at a different table - all by himself playing craps.

I get home... I do some investigation... look at past team pictures... I think it's David Lighty (about 60% positive).  I look at Lighty's twitter page, and sure enough... he's posting about how he was in Vegas and Vegas "got him".  Now I'm 100% positive it was Lightly, because I even remember the arm tattoo.  I know... #CoolStoryBro

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Where are you hearing "they've worked thru their differences and are back on good terms"?  I haven't seen this reported anywhere, unless you're running with 'because he's supposed to be at FNL' (which if you are, then I don't know how/why you're making the leap you're attempting to make).

Comment 24 Jul 2014

So.... let's get to what we all really want to know...

(1) Does the NCAA govern collegiate marching bands?  Band members aren't considered student-athletes... are they? (Side comment... are cheerleaders considered student-athletes?)

(2) How much $$$ will this cost the University?  There's already the costs of hiring these public auditing teams (Ernst & Young)... what about the unnecessary money that will now have to be spent for consoling, training, potential lawsuits, etc.  I know this isn't quite on the same level of Penn State & Jerry Sandusky, but that scandal shook Penn State for $171 million (and counting).  I have to imagine this will easily cost us at least a couple million.

For those taking this lightly... this is NOT GOOD.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Not surprised one bit.

Also... I 'Upvoted' all the soap opera comments... but then again, I was also concerned at how many men knew the names of various different soap operas.  That was a little alarming...

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet...

Does anyone think the cupcakes that LeBron delivered were from the Caroline's Cupcakes (i.e., the cupcake store that had the news that LeBron was returning back to the Cavs).  Maybe this is the evidence/proof they had [i.e., LeBron put in his order way in advance].

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Oregon is usually up too big and Mariota is usually out of the game before the end of the 3rd Q.  If anything, I think this would be an argument for Oregon as Mariota is less likely to get injured (compared to most other starting QBs) and Oregon's backup (Lockie) is likely to be more experienced due to seeing more gametime minutes that most other backups.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I'm not sold on UCLA because I'm not even sure they're the best team in their own conference (Oregon? Stanford?)

Yeah UCLA has Myles Jack who's a specimen, but outside of that... who else do they have?  LB Erik Kendrick?  I'm not sold on Brett Hundley yet.  11 INTs in 2012... 9 INTs in 2013...  I'll take Mariota's #'s (more TDs and less INTs) every day of the week over Hundley's.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

1) Oregon has been getting better (over the years) of not getting "bullied" by those more "physical" teams that you're talking about.

2) You said it yourself, IF (and I realize it's a big if) Oregon can get by Stanford (who's been notorious for "out-muscling" Oregon), who stands in their way? ... Still waiting...  I think this might be the year that Oregon finally gets over that hump and defeats Stanford.

3) The schedule sets up nicely for Oregon. If they beat MSU, they have their "showcase 'W' " right out of the gate.  Wyoming? Wash St? Arizona? Washington? Cal? Utah? Colorado? Pshhh.  Oregon has @ UCLA, vs Stanford, and @ Oregon St.  The only team there that could "out-muscle" them is Stanford, and as I alluded to earlier, I think this could be the year Oregon 'muscles-up'.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Who has the best COLLEGE quarterback out of Alabama, FSU, Oregon, Oklahoma, Auburn, OSU, and UCLA?

I'd say FSU, Oregon, Ohio State, and UCLA.

Personally, I feel the 'Noles lost way too many studs, so I don't have them repeating.

Ohio State... we have some major questions at OL (as a group), RB, WR, and the Secondary (as a group). For me, simply too many questions.

UCLA... I'm not sold on their TEAM.

So... for me... the VALUE is easily Oregon.  They have a very good COLLEGE quarterback... they have a nice team... they have some playmakers in some key positions (Mariota @ QB, Tyner @ RB, senior-laden OL, Ekpre-Olomu @ CB)... I think the Ducks can (and will) make some noise this year.  Why not take the value ?

Comment 17 Jul 2014

All-time favorite movie.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

"Name recognition" and "getting the top recruit" are not important.  Getting the most talented recruit is what's important.  Doesn't matter if that recruit is #1, #5, #10, #12, or whatever.  There are plenty of high-profile recruits who have fizzled and their are plenty of 3-star guys that have been All-Americans.  The key is identifying the talented ones; not getting the top or name ones.