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Comment 6 hours ago

Did MSU return 4/5 starting OL? Break in a new guy after losing their all-world everything QB? Lose arguably one of the top 2-3 RB's in the country?

Point is... to compare last year's MSU team to this year's OSU team is apples-and-asparagus.

Comment 18 hours ago

Heuerman for sure. 

Likely Decker

Bennett for sure

Likely Doran Grant

Wouldnt be surprised one bit to see Braxton receive like an honorary captaincy

Comment 20 Aug 2014

It just irks me how everyone has to "be the next Johnny Football" or have a nickname.  Why can't we let JT Barrett be JT Barrett, and then if the time comes where some nickname pops up, then so be it.

I don't see why we have to label him a nickname now all the sudden just because he's a start.  Quit trying to put so much pressure on these kids that they have to be the next RS Fr Heisman trophy winner.  Let JT be JT.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

This is no surprise.  This is a Coach doing exactly that... COACHING.  A bomb was just dropped on his team, and now the coach needs to do some damage control and start picking up the pieces (i.e., the morale) and this is a great first way of doing so... by boosting the confidence of his players by saying it's the best practice the team has had since he's been there.

Now is not the time to press your players... now is the time to pick them up.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Why does JT "need a name"?!  How about "JT Barrett".  My guess is someone already tried to give him a name, and he didn't like it (hence "J.T.").  Why throw anymore pressure on this kid by trying to give him a "kool' nickname... Just let the kid go out there and play.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Well what's he supposed to say... "Y'all we going to roll over and die" ?  Of course the mission remains the same.  THIS ISN'T NEWS!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

My rant/take on the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel...

I didn't want Manziel - I thought he was an overrated college QB who was too small for the NFL. Then after his last college season, he turned me into a believer and I got caught up in all the 'Johnny Mania'. After how he partied all preseason (I know... nothing different than he ever did before)... after seeing just how small he truly is out there... after seeing how he's letting people get into his head (which clearly the middle-finger gesture illustrates)... I'm already ready to say that Johnny WON'T be 'the guy'. I think the BIGGER problem is... after this preseason, I'm already convinced that Mike Pettine isn't the guy either (and you can't have a QB guy if you don't have a Head Coach guy). I think Pettine has handled this whole QB situation poorly. He should have came out IMMEDIATELY and declared Hoyer (or Manziel) the starter, and it would have put all of this shenanigans to bed ages ago. Instead, he fostered this maelstrom by perpetuating a QB competition; and all that's given us is not one but TWO unprepared quarterbacks. I'm sorry, but as an NFL QB, you can't be 'splitting the snaps', especially when you're as inexperienced as both of these two knuckleheads are. I think Pettine should have come out right away and declared Hoyer as the starter. Sit Johnny... let Johnny watch/develop. Johnny didn't have to be opening day starter, as the Browns weren't going anywhere this season (8-8 at BEST). If things started sinking with Hoyer, then Pettine could have brought Manziel in during the season. But it's obvious that Manziel is the QB of the future (for better or for worse), and if you start Manziel Game 1, then you've essentially ended Hoyer's career as a Brown, because there's NO WAY you can go BACK to Hoyer if Manziel struggles. Manziel's the future; not Hoyer.

So... while I think Johnny is part of the problem, I guess what I'm really trying to say is I think Mike Pettine has been the BIGGER part of the problem... and as a Browns fan, it pains me to say/come-to-that-realization because that just means that the Browns are AT LEAST another 3-5 years away from making the Playoffs (as I don't believe they can do it under Pettine if Pettine isn't "the guy", and you have to figure any new Head Coach that takes over is going to 'start from scratch' and have to rebuild - which essentially is another year or two). None of this should come as a surprise tho... I mean, let's remember... Pettine WAS the Browns, what, 5th choice?!


Comment 18 Aug 2014

Case in point >>

Comment 17 Aug 2014

God blessed. We're the #5 freaking team in the country... And all people can do on this site is talk about FRESHMEN and "which ones are going to contribute". PEOPLE... We go thru this every season... Why must we push our freshmen?!?! Why can't we have a thread "which senior" or "which junior"?! Heck... Even "which sophomore" would be more likely to see significant minutes than which freshmen. Slow the roll. Let it marinate. We're a much better team if we're talking about which junior will break out than if we're talking about which freshmen. #5 teams in the country aren't "freshmen led". 

All I'm asking is we slow the roll with the freshmen talk. Please. It's like every hype conversation on here is FRESHMEN. 

What would Coach Urban Meyer say? You think he's worried about which freshmen is going to contribute Game 1?

Comment 13 Aug 2014

How was he eligible to play if he only ponied up 10% of the entrance fee?  That doesn't make a whole lotta sense.  It should be everyone has to front the same amount, no?

Comment 08 Aug 2014

Either Devin Smith is smaller than I realized, or Evan Spencer = the next David Boston

Comment 08 Aug 2014

I might take heat/flack for this... but in this ONE situation, I prefer TheOzone's method for this... as they actually list who the player is for each picture.  Hence, I actually know who I'm looking at.  So... if you're like me, here you go >>

Eleven Warriors is great for everything else (except still lacking on the Depth Chart & Scholly Grid thing too :-) )

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I think BME_Buckeye is missing the point.  Last year's MSU defense looked like an OSU 'Silver bullets' defense.  No one is saying MSU is now the standard for defenses; rather, people are giving (& righlty so) MSU the respect they deserve for just how staunch their defense truly was last year.  It was very OSU like, and that should come as no surprise seeing as how the guy who's leading it is an OSU guy! (Mark Dantonio).  He knows a thing or two about what a good OSU defense is supposed to look like.