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Zack Darlington

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June 18, 2014 at 11:31am

Hey, y'all. Does anyone have any update on QB Zack Darlington? I know he suffered a serious concussion and is headed to Nebraska but is he healthy enough to play anymore? Pre injury, I thought he was going to be a beast in college. Best of luck to the kid...

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here is the most recent article that has something about him, but nothing more than what is already known.



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With what we know now about the concussion syndrome I would think its going to be a tough decision. If he does play but has that doubt in the back of his mind about the next hit Im not too sure how successful he would be. Wish him nothing but the best but now that I'm a little older health and future health should be #1 priority.

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Interesting that the article listed many Nebraska recruits as also having Ohio U. offers.

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First of all - I loved covering and talking to this kid. Truly one of the "good ones" that I've gotten to know. I talked to him this morning because I saw this thread. He's been medically cleared to play, happened right before he left Nebraska for his abbreviated summer break.

"The doctors were amazed at how much I had healed."


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Awesome. Thanks, Birm! 

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At 17 I could heal from almost anything. At 30 I need a month to heal from a paper cut.

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Great news glad to hear. We wish him the best of luck at Nebraska. 

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I'm a big fan of Z-Magic and I will be throughout his career. Kid is a warrior and a true football player. Class act and a great representative of Big Ten football and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.