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Comment 14 Aug 2016

This dude has a problem. He is either going to end up killing himself or others on the road. He should not be allowed to drive anymore. It's not a laughing matter but I hope Nebraska does more than a slap on the wrist and gets him the help he definitely needs. 

Comment 02 Aug 2016

Oh, yeah. He had a solid career. I just thought he was going to be an All-Pro player. I just thought he was lost in the shadows of the Big Cat. Nothing to be ashamed about re: his career. Gets to enjoy that great NFLPA pension. Good for Diggs!

Comment 02 Nov 2015

I apologize for my tone in the above piece. I didn't mean YOU as specifically, you, if that makes sense.

Re: players getting paid and what not, I have heard a lot of people use their own student debt as a reason for not supporting players getting paid. I believe using that logic is wrong.

We might have to agree to disagree on that. But I do apologize for the above post- I could have worded it better. Sorry. 

Comment 02 Nov 2015

So...because YOU paid a lot of money, then other's should have to suffer the same fate? Let's not forget that the USA is one of the few industrialized countries to force teenagers/young adults to PAY for their education. It's a massive issue and has forced many people into bankruptcy. But b/c he got a scholarship (which he earned), then he should shut up and be happy because YOU had to pay for an education?

Comment 26 Sep 2015

Dr. Teeth is the best one out there. Used to go to Zeke's but Dr. Teeth is now the spot to go to, IMO.