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Finding other fanbases

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June 1, 2014 at 5:12pm

I really enjoy coming to 11W every day for my Buckeye fix.  I have been looking for other fan base forums and news sites for other programs and haven't had much luck.  Most of the sites I have found don't compare to 11W in the quality or quantity of articles, if they post articles at all.

I was hoping that this thread could be a collection of some of the better fan base forums and news sites for programs across the country.  I'd like to avoid sites like Rivals, Scout, and 247 that we all know exist. I'd really appreciate the help!

*Edit: I should have mentioned that I'm aware of MGoBlog and SB pages*




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There can be only one fan base.


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I don't know about better, but if you want a good laugh you should try out Mgo(M*chigan), VolNation(Tennessee), and Irishenvy( Notre Dame).

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Does reading VolNation even make sense or do you get a headache trying to decipher WTF they are trying to say?

danman9450's picture has some good reads. lacks in forum posts for whatever reason though.

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The writing isnt as good as here, but the recruit access is better.  

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Excuse me Sir?


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Pleeeeeeeease go check out MGoBlog and then come back when you're done laughing and crying hysterically. 

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I love that site! I think it's great that the mentally challenged are given internet access.

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The delusional fan base on Mgoblog makes it possible to justify anything in this life. 

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I pay a visit to MgoBlog every now and then but find the site absolutely unnavigable. I second the notion that landgrantholyland is worth visiting.

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Shaggy Bevo (Tejas) & Tiger Droppings (LSU) are both worth visiting.

I think everyone must stop by BWI once so as never to forget that PSU is a blight upon the land.

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