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2014 Bowl Games, now that there is a playoff

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May 17, 2014 at 9:04am

How will they pick teams for the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar and Orange? Will they go back to a more traditional Conference affiliation (now that Conference membership is far from traditional)? Will they use some sort of BCS type formula to determine the next best 8 teams that the Big Bowls pick from? Or with ESPN holding the broadcast rights to 90 % of the Bowl games and also being the SEC Network, will we see. The former BCS Bowl games evolve into the " the best of the rest of the SEC vs the best of the rest of the USA"?

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Two BCS bowls will hold the semifinal games. This year that is the Rose and Sugar.


Then there are four selection committee bowls that will be the two BCS bowls that aren't hosting a semifinal as well as the Peach and Cotton.


Here is a link that will help you understand.

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