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Ohio State vs Navy replay

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August 31, 2014 at 1:36pm

Ashamed to admit I couldn't watch the game yesterday due to my Cable service blowing up on me and had to settle on listening to the game on the radio. Does anyone know where I would be able to find a replay of the game? Thanks ahead of time.

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im guessing it will play on cbssn at some point this weekend

the kids are playing their tail off, and the coaches are screwing it up! - JLS

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BTN has "B1G Football in 60". Condensed replays of the games. Might be on there at some point.

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I was thinking the same thing. Went through the schedule and for some reason it doesn't look like they're showing it on the BTN anytime this week; wonder if there's some sort of copyright issue given that it was originally shown on a CBS network? Someone with much more copyright knowledge than I do could likely answer that.

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8:30 PM ET monday on CBSSN

the kids are playing their tail off, and the coaches are screwing it up! - JLS

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Watch the 2nd half, first half isn't worth watching.

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Didn't get to watch the 2nd half. You sir, are my hero.

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I thought it'd be on BTN in their "Football in 60" since they usually air most of/all the games from the previous week, but apparently they don't have rights to rebroadcast CBS content.

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I have been looking for this as well. Nothing. They keep showing the Nebraska game, the Rutgers game and the MI game basically over and over.

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It got posted to the Youtubes the other day, I watched it last night.  No commercials.

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