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Bert Being Bert

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August 17, 2014 at 1:13pm

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Stay Classy Bert!

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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He is right where he belongs.

“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” John Wooden

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Woooo Pig Sooooie. 

Its probably humor for 99% of coaches out's just that Bert is such a turd. 

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What does Bert have against Auburn?? It's not like they're rivals or anything.  Matter of fact who is Arkansas' rival?? Bert should be calling out Kentucky or Vanderbilt, not Auburn.  Bert is just setting himself up for some heartache after Auburn beats him like a rented mule.   I am looking forward to watching Bert suffer through another miserable year almost as much as I am looking forward to watching tOSU this year.

Big B

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Just curious, who really is Arkansas' rival?

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Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Pine Bluff?

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Soap and indoor plumbing.

A man got to have a code...

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Brady Hoke ate my comment

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Seriously, it was a long SWC rivalry.

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Pronounced die-uh-beet-us

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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Sorry to ruin the train of jokes, but I'm pretty sure LSU is their rival. They always play a game Thanksgiving weekend.

Class of 2016. Go Bucks!

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Stop it...stop actually answering a question

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Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

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LSU, They have some golden boot trophy or some other, I remember them winning it back in 07 when Mcfadden ran wild vs their D..Still in shock that LSU lost to Kentucky and Arkansas that year but won the BCS.

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Its a good thing for Bert that someone was there with an Auburn shirt on. I don't think Bert is smart enough to remember any of the schools on his own

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Bert, Bert, Bert.  He's the gift that keeps on giving.

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He's the GIF that keeps on giving. 


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He's the GIFT that keeps on giving.

Tater fixed it for ya and plus 1 for you

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Lol.  Thanks for the assist.

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I hate Bert as much as the next guy but there is nothing wrong with this. If Urban said this about Michigan we'd be applauding.

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Doesn't matter, Bert, Auburn will whoop your team by 40 anyway, lol

Class of 2010.

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Bert whines about Auburn because H.S. coaches in Arkansas still revere Malzahn and laugh at Bert when he tries to recruit across the state.  He thinks making Auburn jokes is cool.  He is a moron.

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Bert is always dependable to create more material so that we may continue laughing at him.

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Bert Berty Bert Bertimosmaximos Bert Bertman Bert.   He's so Bert. 

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Eh, I thought it was a semi-funny joke. Don't get why Auburn's hated in particular, but whatever.

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If Malzahn's got guys lying in the weeds taping a team who may go 0 - SEC, he may want to focus his efforts elsewhere. 

A man got to have a code...

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One day, Bert's going to look back at all this and wish he'd kept his mouth shut.

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Kind of like Jen's "Karma" post. 

Boy did that come back and bite them once they hit their conference schedule last year - huh?

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Or the conference schedule hit them...

I think the proverbial door is going to be hitting them in their respective asses if he churns out another 0-fer in league play.

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Yeah it's important to not try to make Bert look like an ass guys.

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That .gif of Bert falling......

never. gets. old. 

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I think Bert should encourage others to watch his practices. The resulting confusion could give the hogs an edge.