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I Am A Sports Fan

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June 23, 2014 at 3:25pm

I get excited for MLB Spring Training.  I start picturing myself at the Jake drinking beer, eating hot dogs and Cracker Jacks and smelling the fresh cut grass.  Getting to hear “Centerfield” or singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” with thousands of others, those are fantastic ballgame sounds, almost as good as the sound of a wooden bat making solid contact.  I LOVE the whole experience, even the occasional beer shower.

I recently picked up the game of golf, going on outings each Saturday morning with my husband and our 5 year old son.  I am horrible.  I whiff more times than I can count.  I thought that I was a natural athlete, apparently natural athleticism means nothing in this game.  How can I possible enjoy playing, when I am so horrible?  Riding in the cart and enjoying beer, makes up for some of the disappointment of my lack of ability. Whoever thought I would enjoy a sport in which I hit a ball, and then I have to chase it down – someone else is suppose to do that for me.  But I do, I really enjoy “playing” and while it is so aggravating, it is also calming.  Again, there could be that smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of a driver making contact with the ball.

College football, in my opinion, is the greatest sport on Earth.  This past Saturday morning, the air was crisp and it felt like a football Saturday.  I had a sudden desire to pull on an OSU sweatshirt and pack the car up for a trip to the Shoe for some tailgating.  That would be great!  It’s not even July and I am ready for football.  Bring it!!  Beer.  Vegetable soup.  Chili.  Beer.  Just thinking about it makes me happy.

College basketball, I can do that too.  Especially watching at game at the Schott.  It may not be my favorite sport to watch, but I will watch and cheer on the Buckeyes in anything. The atmosphere is exhilarating.  If OSU had a Cricket team I’d cheer them on, they don’t do they?  Cause I just don’t get it.

This brings me to the reason for giving you my thoughts, The World Cup.  I have enjoyed watching Team USA play.  Clint Dempsey is playing with a broken nose, that man is a BEAST!!  Seriously, running on the field for 90 minutes while breathing through a broken nose - come on!  I get excited when Team USA scores, just as much as when the Buckeyes score a touchdown.  So I posted on Facebook when Team USA went up 2-1, then how heartbroken I was when it became 2-2.  My two posts upset a “friend,” who really isn’t much of a friend really, but she’s a cousin of a cousin.  (Note to self: Time to clean up my friends list.)  She tags me on a photo about how watching soccer is boring.  Which is fine, you are free to have your opinion.  But then she private messaged me, telling me she hates soccer and doesn’t understand why I like it.

Why does it matter to anyone if I like soccer?  I also like beer, but not many complain about that.  Is it because you “don’t get it?” I don’t either.  Finishing a game in a tie, adding time at the end of regulation play, offside/onside or how a team is awarded points for a game that they didn't win.  I don’t get that, but I am trying and I am enjoying myself while I learn.  And if you don’t have a reason to hate a sport, then you’re just dumb.  I could ask her to forgive me for being passionate about something, but why should I?

If you’re a true sports fan, I don’t think you can say that you truly hate a sport.  Each sport has an atmosphere which makes the game infinitely more enjoyable.  If you don't know what that a sport has to offer, go experience it in person.  Even NASCAR can be enjoyable in person.

Maybe if I understood Cricket, I’d like it.  Just maybe.

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Cricket is white clothes, with two home bases, no strikes, a fat bat, hockey pads, tea, a round diamond, no fielders gloves, less spitting, no crotch grabbing, funny accents, cucumber sandwiches, more tea, utterly baffling terminology, Pakistanis, and more tea.

What's not to like? Plus googlies.

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Tea I can handle.  I may even watch a Cricket match the next time I catch one on the telly.

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I have no understanding of soccer, but I was riveted that whole game. I may not be a fan of soccer, but I am an American and I am competitive.

We need to always win. Ending in a tie is a horrible idea.


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I agree, I HATE TIES...but America lost yesterday, plain and simple.


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Welcome aboard the ship Vickers - nice post. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay. 

Sports will always play such a huge role at least in my life as there isn't a sport I won't watch. The twists and turns and upsets are what keeps us coming back season after season after season. 

We constantly chase the brass ring and every once in a while we are able to grab it. Heartache and disappointment are the other side of sports that helps us grow our character especially as kids.

Football is a factory across the USA and millions if not billions of people will be glued to the TV sets once again this upcoming season - Vegas has been built on bedding in one form or another. 

Enjoy your golf game and your NASCAR events. Keep living the dream!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have trouble with sports where you cheer for just one person, like tennis, NASCAR, and golf.  Any sport connected to a city (Cleveland,  in my case), state (Ohio State), or country is ok to me.  I even picked up Gaelic Football last year and follow a couple of my ancestral counties.

I'm as athletic as they come, but couldn't get over the hump with golf, and I tried for years. You need limitless patience.

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Your post made me think of this.

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Lonely Island will get an upvote from me every time. This is also the first thing I thought of when I read the thread title. I was sure this video would be in here somewhere.


Growing up a baseball and football fan, watching cricket and rugby matches play tricks on my mind. I start asking myself, like in cricket, "why isn't that guy circling the bases after hitting the ball over the wall?!" and "Man, this pitcher sucks, he keeps throwing his pitches into the dirt," and "where's the quarterback?!" When I come back to reality I realize I'm not watching either sport. I then switch the channel to one of them so I'm right with the Universe once again.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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A little advice for the golf game... leave the bag at home, take only your 7 iron and putter. Everyone loves to hit the driver but it causes too many problems for new players so just use it at the range for awhile. That will keep the game simple and minimize lost yardage due to mis-hits allowing you to better keep up with your group.

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i like sprots.

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