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Comment 23 Jun 2014

Tea I can handle.  I may even watch a Cricket match the next time I catch one on the telly.

Comment 15 Aug 2012

I don't think Simon was intimidated by Coach sitting there.  Did you see him stuff that food in his mouth? ;)

Comment 15 Aug 2012

Here's to hoping Coach Meyer has the success of Tressel, offensive attiutde of Cooper, the players respect of Bruce, and becomes the legendary status of Hayes!

Love this!

Comment 15 Aug 2012

I was a little leery being that it was an EPSN affair, but I truly was amazed.  Simple footage and the dialogue between the team and coaches.  We know what is expected from the team and we know the coaches will not accept anything else.  Calling out the friend wearing the blue shirt was simply hilarious, get that man an Ohio State shirt! 

I honestly can't get enough information on Ohio State Football right now.  I'm like an addict and can't get my fix. So my DVR is set to record today and tomorrow as well.

"Ides of August" has a nice ring to it and it makes me feel like we truly are getting closer to the day of kickoff, even though it feels like time has been standing still for weeks.

Comment 15 Aug 2012

Yup, Buckeye Nation is "pissed-off" with you Coach! How could that speech not pump you up?

Comment 13 Aug 2012

The guy in the Ice Bath with him looks less than pleased to have him there.

Comment 09 Aug 2012


With the way summer's gone, I don't see any big cooling off weather until October 1 in all of Ohio.

Not what I wanted to hear...

Comment 09 Aug 2012

1. Ohio State - I get so excited seeing this helmet.  Only pictures of The Shoe excites me near as much.

2. Iowa

3. Michigan - I get excited seeing this helmet too, but for much different reasons.  Usually like to see it facemask up on the ground...

Michigan is only there because the others are so boring.  I can understand the classic of PSU, but it does not excite me. 

The Best Way to Die Ever - Hilarious!! 

For the "stellar mom skills" - When I read that story in the national news, I cringed and shook my head.  Great parenting skills.

Comment 08 Aug 2012

Anyone who commits and/or covers up such a hideous crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Period.


Comment 03 Aug 2012

I do feel as though I should add that I am not scared of going to Mo'town.  I know that we will have a great time, after all it is a football game.  Also, I never would have even considered wearing my OSU gear out of respect for my husband and my friends.  It just never ceases to amaze me that because I am an Ohio State fan they would think I would even consider that.  We are all cocky-stuck-up-Yankee-snobs and just flat out evil. 

Does it matter what I wear as long as I am cheering your team onto victory?

I asked this question to a friend who is in charge of the company tailgate, assuming that he would know it was a joke. (You know what they say about "assume"...) He did not and proceeded to tell me what would happen to me and my car.  Seriously?   

Before moving to back to Ohio, I lived in the mountains of WV for four years.  I know how die hard WVU fans can be, I learned who I could tell that I cheered for OSU and who I should just smile at and nod. 

We are less than a month away from college football, a reason to rejoice no matter which game I am attending.

Comment 03 Aug 2012

I guess another silver lining would be that I do LOVE football, watching and playing.  And yes, WVU should have a good team this year but I am not sure what the competition level from Marshall will be.

Comment 03 Aug 2012

"Mommy Juice" was something that my husband said to my son, referring to the beer in our refrigerator.  I mentioned it in my last blog and thought I would carry it over.

Comment 18 Jul 2012

I remember the 98 game, it was my senior year of high school and my dad's family in WV kept calling and telling us that it was their year, their time to shine.  We ALL know how that turned out. 

You would think, as anyone in their right mind would, that a win 115 years ago is nothing to get worked up about (sorry again honey, but Let. It. Go.)  There was only a brief time, a few years ago, that WVU fans (including my husband and co-workers) thought that WVU was going to play OSU in the Championship game.  WVU was going to show "us" how to play football.  OSU did play that year, but not against WVU.  And for some reason, that is our (The state of Ohio, Ohio State Unoversity, Ohio State fans and even The Best Damn Band In the Land.) fault.  Have I mentioned that living with a WVU fan can be a bit interesting?

I keep re-reading that first paragraph too and I am in utter awe that I wrote it.   ;)  Thank you for your kind words.

Comment 18 Jul 2012

For those who say that Ohio State's D can't provide the necessary assistance for winning games this year, I will refer them to this.  It is possible and it is Urban Meyer football, no offense to Fickell (who by the most part, did a great job last season) but this team WILL NOT be operated the same.  Thank you for a cool and very informative read.

Comment 18 Jul 2012
My West Virginia co-workers are telling me to slow down. Maybe they have some reservations about this upcoming season after all..