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Young Professionals In Cincinnati

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April 18, 2014 at 3:00pm

This is geared towards to people who live in the Greater Cincinnati Area. I am on the board of the Young Buckeyes of Greater Cincinnati. We are looking to establish a relationship with a bar for the upcoming season to host our game watch parties. We're looking find a place that we can basically take over on game days. Maybe a newer bar that would welcome the new business. The areas of interest are Mt. Lookout, Hyde Park, and Oakley. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I you're interested in becoming a member send an email to

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The Oak Tavern in Oakley is where I watched The Game last year.

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The little bar next door to my shack is owned and run by die hard buckeye fans. Its awesome cause I can talk all the shit I want and have the full support of the ownership. But we are small and in Hamilton,Ohio but I'll wait to see if anyone has any good ideas because  I might be interested in joining a few times a season.

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Oak is cool and all, it's owned by two UC alums, the same ones that own MLTs and Millions.  They do have food though which trumps RP McMurphys.  I've watched a couple games at The Pilot with some other alums.  The owner was giving out rounds after the game to get us to stay and the jukebox was filled up with TBDBITL songs.  

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You might consider cheering conflict of UC\UK or the Reds watching parties in Oakley, HP, and Mt Lookout.  Central Cinci is clannish at times during the college athletics seasons; much like it is during HS football. You may have better luck by reserving the basement of Brazenhead in Mason, Firehouse Grill in BlueAsh, or across the River at Arnies - not far from Hofbrauhaus

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