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Vote against the cheating Joe-bots

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April 12, 2014 at 1:27am

Vote for Tom Osborne over Joe Fraud.

The Joe-bot PSU fans have once again cheated, just like they did against Woody last weekend.

Osborne was up by 2%, then a few hours later Friday night --- there's a 12% reversal --- Joe's up 10%. And, again, the international vote is shady. There's almost 9,000 international votes, (of course in favor of Joe). 

I figure two fanbases (Nebraska & OSU) may be enough to help overcome the Joe-bot cheating. Worth a shot.

It's just the principle of it...he shouldn't win anything.


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I agree, there's something shady with the International vote. Too similar two weeks in an row to be chance or normal voting activities.


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The disillusionment of Happy Valley continues.

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Its going to piss me off when ESPN posts big a shit on their website, "Joe Paterno voted greatest coach in the history of the Big10."

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These Paterno people are the worst. I voted for Osborne here but we all know Woody actually won this thing.

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Trying . . . to . . . give . . . a . . . crap . . . ugh . . . can't . . . do . . . it. If it were a coach who actually coached a snap of Big Ten football I might care, but regardless of who wins, its the wrong answer. Whatever the results of this poll, Joe's supporters will never remove the stain on his legacy. People still bring up "the punch" in regards to Woody. JoePa's transgression will not be so easily erased regardless of how many polls they rig.

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I  would even vote for Bo over Joe, but of course Woody was the greatest in my book.

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Let em have the win. That's all they'll have for the next 50 years. 

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