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March 31, 2014 at 3:01pm

Sammy Silverman and three other Buckeye's (that I don't know who they are) are launching a producted called Juiceboxx.

Desription: It's the first ever stylish, protective case that snaps onto your MacBook charger, which prevents the cord from fraying. 




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For anyone unaware of who Sammy Silverman is, he is the one that has been putting out most of the amazing artwork for the OSU athletic department recently. This is his most recent work:

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Sounds like a porno.

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My CPU is a neural net processor; a learning computer.

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Countdown clicker and all - I'll have to check it out in a few days..................once it goes live.

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An interesting concept, though I'll say that the two most recent iterations of the MacBook adapter have not been nearly as prone to fraying/breakage as the older models, at least in my individual experience.