Oklahoma Star Freshman Joe Mixon Suspended for the Year

By DJ Byrnes on August 18, 2014 at 5:06p
Oklahoma freshman Joe Mixon

A few weeks back, 24/7's 2014 No. 1 running back, Joe Mixon, was accused of fracturing a woman's face in four places.

On Friday, Mixon was charged with misdemeanor assault for his alleged role in fracturing a woman's face in four places.

Today, it appears Oklahoma has (kind of) severed ties with the former five-star recruit:

Given this and the Dorial Green-Beckham situation, it hasn't been a banner year for Bob Stoop's discipline.

Source: @OU_Football

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Guess a year suspension is better then nothing but it doesnt sound like they have severed ties completely. More like Mixon is redshirting. Kid should be facing years in prison, how is this a misdemeanor?

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Because he plays football

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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Well, I'll wait to see what happens here. He has been completely removed from the football team. They said he is eligible for student aid and that removal make it sound like he has lost his scholarship and will need to pay for his education this year. Even with student aid, I wouldn't be shocked if he ends up transferring to another school. Being that he is technically no longer a part of the team, he may go somewhere else and play immediately (I'm only speculating on that one as I don't know the full extent of the rule regarding it). I don't know, I guess we'll see what happens, but I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up at another school next year at the latest.

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good thing Sabins got him on speed dial.  ROLL TURD

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What a terrible post, on many levels.  

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What? I dont even know what that means....

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If you're going to be an idiot, at least be a grammatically correct idiot.

(G)ood thing (SABANS) got him on speed dial(,) ROLL TIDE(.)

Still not sure what it means though..

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Getting ready to watch the Browns/Redskins on ESPN's MNF, and this came across the bottom ticker under NCAAF.  It said Mixon pleaded not guilty to the assault.  Is there really a doubt that he is the individual responsible for punching the woman?  I don't know the whole story, and by the information I have read, it seems like there is really no doubt he is responsible.  If there is legit proof, his reluctance to take responsibility should be almost as big a red flag to possible transferring schools, as his transgression is.

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I live in oklahoma city, about 45 minutes north of norman. Word is that, mixon made a homophobic comment about the girl's companion. She responded by making a racial slur directed to the entourage, and according to mixon, slapped and spit at him. In turn, young 5 star Mixon, punched her in the face. I listened to an interview with the DA on my way home from work. This decision was made after Stoops and Castiglione reviewd the video from the bar this morning. 

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I don't care what the girl said/did, there is no reason for a man to hit a woman outside of being in physical danger himself.

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There was seriously a dv for that?

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The kid has issues to work on other than football right now.

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So he's just going to redshirt. That seems appropriate.