Sports Illustrated Sued Over Oklahoma State ExposÉ

By DJ Byrnes on July 14, 2014 at 11:57a

According to the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated is being sued by an Oklahoma Fellowship of Christian Athletes representatives over SI's claims he paid benefits to Oklahoma State football players.

John Talley filed a lawsuit Thursday in Payne County District court that says he was wrongly portrayed as a booster willing to improperly pay Cowboy footballers.

"The Dirty Game," Sports Illustrated's five-day series, alleged massive improper benefits handed out to Oklahoma State football players dating all the way back to Les Miles' time as head coach.

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Did anything actually ever come from these allegations? Why do I feel all the big stories that should've led to suspensions, etc. over the past couple of years have all fizzled out of the limelight?

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If I remember right, there wasn't a ton of hard evidence to back up the allegations and Okie State didn't own up to anything.  The NCAA had nothing to work with.

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If I remember right, there wasn't a ton of hard evidence to back up the allegations and Okie State didn't own up to anything.  The NCAA had nothing to work with.

Generally speaking, the schools that have told the NCAA to go fly a kite have gotten off scot free because the organization does not have subpoena power, per se. If their isn't a smoking gun or school cooperation (as in, Ohio State shared everything with the investigators), there will be no sanctions.

Interestingly enough, ESPN's Brett McMurphy dropped this story today: Oklahoma State football under NCAA investigation. From the piece:

The investigation stems from a five-part series by Sports Illustrated in September that alleged improprieties in the program. After the report, Oklahoma State appointed Charles E. Smrt, a former NCAA official, to conduct an internal investigation. That investigation is nearing an end.

"The inquiry continues and it is hoped that it will conclude within the next few months," a university spokesman told ESPN. "The university anticipates releasing a report after the NCAA concludes its process. Since it is an ongoing inquiry conducted in cooperation with the NCAA, the university is unable to comment further at this time."

McMurphy mentions the above-referenced lawsuit against SI, and goes out of his way to remind readers that ESPN did its own investigation that disputed much of the original SI report. Perhaps ESPN is still a little salty that LeBron spurned them in announcing his triumphant return to the Cavs...

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"Anything that other schools/boosters/student-athletes did obviously paled in comparison to the horror and dishonesty of five Ohio State players selling possessions they owned for a couple bucks or bartered for tattoos. I mean seriously, look at the thousands of people who died and countless others who were grievously injured by those young men trading a shirt for some ink! And don't even get me started on that torturous dictator Jim Tressel. He should be locked up! What a crook! Thankfully he'll be remembered in the same class of human scum as Hitler, Mussolini, and Vlad the Impaler. He should be in prison for not only, umm, lying, but also treason and war crimes!"

At least that's how I assume the knucklefuck "intelligentsia" in collegiate athletics still feel about The Ohio State University. Because I haven't seen or heard Pat Forde, ESPN, the NCAA, Clay Travis, (insert any other dipshit eunuch person/organization here), etc barking about anything since Ohio State and Penn State got ball-whacked for their transgressions. And yes, I understand the magnitude of what occurred at PSU... But how current players were part of it and/or in any way responsible still baffles me. Punish those who were entirely innocent just to send a message and show off what kind of power one organization can yield? Yeah, that's what Nazi's did, too.

I hope this guy forces a civil trial (and doesn't settle out of court) so we all can get a look at the inner workings of SI. Kick that fuckin' closet door in and let's see those skeletons.

End rant. Sorry for all the swearing. Been an angry morning.

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"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

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Mark Wahlberg wants to say hello to your mother as well.

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Poll Question:

Which of the following is the most obsolete in 2014?

a.  8 Track Players.

b.  Beta Movie Players.

c.  The NCAA's management of big time college football.

d.  Rotary Telephones.

Yeti's have feelings too.

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e. Sports Illustrated

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Devier Posey should have filed a suit. 

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Wasn't the lead writer for this a known OU homer and been in question before for his anti- Oklahoma writing? Not sure on that, but I think the school has a case against SI. As much as I like SI, you can't do that without proper vetting. 

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It seemed pretty baseless to me, mostly people with an axe to grind or sour grapes. Poorly written and poorly researched.

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