SEC Commissioner Mike Slive Will Create New Division if Demands Are Not Met

By DJ Byrnes on May 31, 2014 at 10:25a

The power conferences want autonomy and they want it now. This has been known for quite some time. But yesterday, it appears Mike Slive has introduced a nuclear option in case his demands aren't met.

From The Atlanta Constitution-Journal:

He warned that the SEC would be prepared to pull out of NCAA Division I and form a new NCAA division if the five power conferences don’t receive autonomy to set their own rules on certain matters, including benefits for athletes.

The threat seemed to be aimed at the Division I board of directors, which is scheduled to vote in August on an autonomy plan for the 65 schools of the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12.

“If it doesn’t pass, the next move would be to go to a ‘Division 4,’” Slive said. “It’s not something we want to do.”

The move to Division III, where football is still profitable despite nobody watching it, has long been a threat by other commissioners. (I consider it to be only saber-rattling.) 

It's a wonder what would happen in this newly created Division IV, but it would be humorous if Slive took the entire SEC there and nobody followed. It would likely result in martial law being declared in Alabama.


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Don't go away mad Mike Slive...

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they play by their own rules down there anyways…college football would be better off, in fact college sports as a whole would be better off if the SEC just went away. Its not because they 'dominate' everything, its because I believe they break damn near every rule in the book down there and get away with it. The fact elite prospects chose Ole Miss in the 2013 recruiting cycle the way they did may not be iron-clad proof, but its damn suspicious. That along with the handful of instagram and twitter pictures of SEC recruits with huge sums of cash and the Bag Men story, Im taking the guilty until proven innocent approach to that conference. One final thing, they pretty much declare their conference champion the national champion so they pretty much are their own division anyways. 

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The fact elite prospects chose Ole Miss in the 2013 recruiting cycle the way they did may not be iron-clad proof, but its damn suspicious.

And lets not forget that at one point during the '14 class, Kentucky was ranked in the top 5. That alone shows something ain't right.

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Mike Slive? I though this article was about a muppet show reunion.


High and tight boo boo

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It's not just Slive, Delaney has hinted at it in the past.  Nothing but pure greed

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I guess those 'Necks riding around with those "the South will Rise Again" bumper stickers might have something to thump their chests about.
Let the SEC form Div 4 and then have a Div 1 vs Div 4 "superbowl held in Appomattox, Virginia.

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All I got from your post was you think the sec should be in the title game every year. 

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Well if you don't think they'll have a representative in each 4 team playoff field for the foreseeable future, think again.  They are more likely to get 2 teams in the playoff, then to get left out completely.

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I think that the B1G, SEC, PAC12 and ACC will always have a chance at sending a team to the playoff because of their conference championship. Big 12 is on the outside looking in due to no CCG, the will have to jump a lower rated team of those 4 conf champs to get in. I wouldn't say that anyone is likely to get 2 teams in the fact we have not seen the committee in action yet and last year with Bama and Auburn losing the SEC can't claim superiority to get that nod again.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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Dude's pulling out the nukes!

Say hello to my little Fring.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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WTF is that from?

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I think secretly they want to form a division 4 so that the SEC can play both college and NFL teams.  The new division 4 would be a step between.  So we could see Bammer beat LSU then see them take on the Seahawks the next week.  No doubt Slive thinks they'd win. 

Wow, unbelievable the division 4 threat.  Hope Slive sticks it where the sun doesn't shine!

Go Bucks!!

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Nice link to the D3 football programs, Thanks.

I season my simple food with hunger

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I wonder what Bert and Tricky Nick are up to next?

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Hopefully the NCAA will call his bluff.  I have no faith that they will, but they should.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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What is it with Southerners and threats of succession?

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