NFL Scout: It's a Red Flag These College QBs Can't Throw with Weaker Hand

By DJ Byrnes on May 7, 2014 at 11:53a

Honestly, a game in which both quarterbacks are forced to use their weaker hands might be wildly entertaining. 


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Maybe the Jacksonville scouts didn't get the memo...


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I could watch that all day. It's always baffled me how many athletes can't throw a baseball.

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It's not surprising at all. The arm motion, feet separation and release points are totally different. I played QB my whole life up through college and when I did the natural transition in to post-collegiate athletics and joined a softball beer league, I had to throw the damn ball side-arm until I could re-train my throwing motion. Went from feeling very athletic to completely unathletic during that transition.

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Not a knock on you at all, but Mr.Crab Legs doesn't seem to hasn't any problems throwing a football or baseball.

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Yeah, if you actively play both sports.

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Kyle Orton, is that you?

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Some QB's receivers have trouble just throwing with their normal arm.


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I laughed at this harder than I should have!

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that was awesome

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That was pretty funny, although Bridgewater actually had a reasonably natural-looking throw. I really hope the scout quote is a joke.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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I actually spent time trying to learn how to be ambidextrous, and it's fascinating how impossible that is. Bridgewater does indeed have a pretty good throwing motion as a south paw. If there was ever a right handed QB who might have done better with his left, it would be the one and only Joe Bauserbomb

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Teddy has great mechanics (which honestly I think is an actual positive in that it is natural for him - not something he has to work on, for either arm), but he needs to learn to tie a proper tie (his only looks good if he is always wearing a coat).  AJ looks like he is shot-putting the ball.

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Well... that challenge would be easy for me. Especially as a left-handed person. Plus, I'm half decent with right-handed throwing of a baseball as for the life of me I can't catch right-handed, thus I catch with my left-hand and throw with my right-hand. Pretty ambidextrous I would say. Ha!

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Haha, I've tried catching with a lefty's baseball glove, and I am pretty useless at it. I do drive with my left hand though.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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I've spent some time learning to throw a football left-handed. It's not easy, but the payoff comes any time you challenge your friends to an off-hand throwing competition. Seeing your friends throw like girls (figure of speech) is an added bonus. 

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And yet, they all have better mechanics than Tim Tebow.

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AJ McCarron throws the ball left handed like a girl.

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If Brandon Weeden could throw left-handed, we would never have been able to enjoy this:


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If Brandon Weeden could throw left-handed, we would never have been able to enjoy this:

Fixed. Go Dawgs. 

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