This Anthony Barr 'Statue' by Subway is Creepy

May 7, 2014 at 11:44a    by DJ Byrnes    

Former UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr will likely be the second linebacker taken in tomorrow's NFL draft. Now that he's officially free of the NCAA's shackles on making money off his likeness, he has joined Subway's "Famous Fans" family.

To pay homage to the newest member, Subway erected this statue made in his likeness comprised entirely of Subway sandwiches and ingredients. 

Here's another loook:

Unless Anthony Barr is also a zombie, this is way too creepy for my liking.


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Super creepy and it looks disgusting.

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Even if someone thought it was a good idea at first, I can't imagine someone, at the sight of that, NOT just abruptly deciding to scrap the whole project, assassinate everyone involved, and pretend it never happened. No, instead he/she said, "Hey, not bad. Let's put this in a showcase."

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People is Soylent Green.  Or something.

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That's absolutely f'n creepy.

Couldn't they have just booked Jared for a day instead?


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Frankly, I think that picture of Jared is way creepier.

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What in the heck was Subway thinking? How can this help them in any positive way whatsoever?

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Cucumber nipples

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You guys are crazy...this is awesome. Very creative.


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as long as theres jalapeños on there, were good.

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Looks like it was built by Mark Richt.

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