FSU Players Earned A Lot of Rings This Year

By DJ Byrnes on April 9, 2014 at 11:56a

The Florida State Seminoles dumped everyone on their way to the 2014 national title game, and Auburn didn't fare much better. 

Today, the players received the spoils of their efforts, and boy, are the spoils impressive. Hopefully these kids won't sell the memorabilia they earned while still under the thumb of the NCAA.

Here it is in Giphy form. 

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may be me, but why can't they just put all of their accomplishments on one ring? Also, whats the third for? Did they give rings for the divisional title too? Bit much IMO. 

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Next stop...

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That is so laughable. Student athletes can't get nice free stuff from anywhere between $25 and $500, BUT THEY CAN GET RINGS THAT COST $10,000? HA!

seriously, those three rings combined gotta be worth $25,000-$30,000. And they can't pay players.

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That's fucking insane man. What rule is in place to stop Bama from giving everyone on the roster a $250,000 dollar ring dedicated for each sec win?

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Not sure why this got a downvote.  This was my point a year or two ago when Texas gave rings to their players for going 9-4.


edit: I guess what prevents that is the actual rule that prevents it noted below.

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I got one ( a national championship ring) back in 1992, for being on the University of Findlay NAIA Div 2 team.  As I recall, the rings were free, but similar in quality to high school class rings.  The style and design of the ring were picked out by the coaches and upperclassmen on the team.  If the individual wanted real gold or real diamonds, instead of cubic zirconias, on their ring, the individual player had to pony up for the increase in price over the base (generic) design.

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Apparently $415 is the max allowable for an NCAA championship ring and $325 for conference.
Heres an article about Bamas 2013 swag:

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 And a couple of them may still win one more set of rings: the steel bracelets.

Go Bucks!

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to the victor go the spoils