Penn State Fans, Athletes Take to Twitter to Bash Reporter Who Dared to Report

March 3, 2014 at 2:43p    by DJ Byrnes    

Ah, good ol' Penn State fans. They're the Alabama fans of the Big Ten, without all the football dominance in recent years.

Penn Live reporter Anna Orso was reporting on State Patty's Day, an event described as “‘rootinest, tootinest, shootinest’ binge-drinking extravaganza" in the Happy Valley region. While on duty, she noticed Penn State back-up quarterback Michael O'Connor stumble out of a bar down the street and then bash James Franklin:

So there you go, a simple report on a crunk student-athlete during the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest binge-drinking extravaganza in Happy Valley. Probably not the best look for O'Connor, but it's not as if it's a death knell to his career.

According to Poynter, players tweeted at Ms. Orso "demanding" she delete the tweet and even called her three times. Those players (ironically) deleted the tweets, but here's sophomore cornerback Jordan Lucas:

Penn State fans, well, they reacted with their grace that's become their hallmark in recent years:

Jennifer, I don't think "invasion of privacy" means what you think it does.

Ross, it's literally impossible to sound like a thug on Twitter, because thugs don't hang out on Twitter.

Jimmy Koury, a man with 234 followers, is accusing a reporter, who reported on college kids who played for the school's famous football team, of being desperate for followers. I wonder what Jimmy's employer, RSR Realtors (which is poetically listed in Jimmy's bio) would think of such a tweet?

Here is an insight into a man (it's always a man) who runs a parody account based on... Penn State's head basketball coach, Pat Chambers. (People wonder why I hate parody accounts.)

And in case you think Poynter or I just cherry-picked these Tweets, you're welcome to wade into the cesspool and see for yourself.



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Stay Classy Penn State fans!

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I've exhausted all of my Penn State jokes at this point

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I'd be hard pressed to say this wouldn't happen, at least to some degree, with our fanbase, especially after seeing the herassment of Ryan Hamby -- and that was when you actually had to do the work of finding an address to send hate mail, and not just find their name on Twitter. Of course, the bigger headline would be one of our players saying "Meyer doesn't know s---."

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While I wouldn't do either, dropping a pass that would have won a primetime top 5 game is different than underage drinking and public intoxication. 

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Yup- 'cause not reporting things always works out really well for the folks in Happy Valley...

"Sarcastically, I'm in charge."


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To be honest it did work for decades.


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I posted this on the other thread about it:

How is this a story at all?

If there is anybody here who went to college and has not been drunk and stumbling between parties (of age or not), send me your address so I can mail you a pocket square and a "kick me" sign so everyone knows you're a nerd for sure.

The only sh!tty thing about this article is the narc who tweeted about it...she wasnt even in the conversation and then ratted the dude out.  There wasnt any cover up - just some guys sticking up for their teammate, which I would hope they do.

Tension between Franklin and O'Connor?  Its not a sorority, he was clearly talking about Franklin not know about how drunk he was...and was drunk while saying it.  I'm sure most people have uttered these words about their own parents.  This has nothing to do with their football culture...only the culture of every single college on the face of the planet.

Kids in college drink.  They always have and always will.

Now, naturally, the fans on Twitter have taken it too far with threats and abuse...but the original Tweet screamed of tattle tale.  I would say the fan responses have now worsened the whole incident 10x over.  Had they just shut up, it probably would have gone mostly under the radar.  The whole thing is dumb but also PSU fans are the pitts and the Pitt bottoms...

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I don't think the reporter is the least bit out of line. She's reporting a story about locally famous people. She's a local reporter. Just because she writes for PennLive doesn't mean she needs to overlook potentially negative stories. I give her credit for relaying the story without bias. 

College athletes need to know that they're not regular students. Sorry. Their stupid actions are no worse than those of anyone else, it's just that no one cares about the average student. A student athlete acting a fool in public deserves to be called out. 

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+1 for the opinion, BUT to me Its not a story. Its a buschleague tweet. She was walking around a college party eavesdropping on football players, paparazzi style.
I agree football players need to be a little more cautious but this is very narc-ish. Again, PSU fans didnt help themselves here but the whole thing is dumb. College kids get drunk, athlete or mathlete.
Im just glad I didnt grow up in this day and age...or I would have partied with a brown paper bag over my head.

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If college kids getting drunk wasn't a big deal, why are the students and players at PSU making it a big deal?  All she did was tweet a conversation she heard.  How often do you tweet conversations you hear?

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All good points. I can just see this same thing happening with any local reporter at any big football school. TTUN just had a similar situation with Lewan. It wasn't blown out of proportion like this, and the story faded away quickly. Responding to bad press just brings more attention to it. 

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She was walking around a college party eavesdropping on football players, paparazzi style.

Is that what she was doing? Or is that just you projecting onto a situation in which you weren't present and have no actual insight into what occurred? The use of "narc" & "ratted out" in your original post provides some clues.

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Ooookay buddy.
In the original article:
It states that she was walking "immediately behind" the two players and then tweeted out the conversation they were having with that she was not in. That is a 1000% eavesdropping, being a narc and the definition of ratting someone out.
I stand by statements.

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Penn State, drunkards, bitterness with media...what else is new.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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DJ, I feel you. Parody accounts < walking on hot coals

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She seems like a good reporter, maybe we can add her to the 11W staff like Meyer did with Larry Johnson. Hell hath no fury...

High and tight boo boo

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invasion of privacy... HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You can't possibly be that stupid...

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

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Hey check it out, one of the PSU fans is reasonable:

Post #33988
Add Buddy

I guess I do not see what the problem is. And yeah, I have a BIG TIME Reply

objection to some, "you owe me a favor" deal with a source or an institution upon whom you have to report.  

If you want your behavior to remain private, then don't act in public.  If you act in public then you can expect it to be treated as a public act.  No better and clearer way to see this than what just happened.  Good, slightly embarrassing way for Mo to learn this lesson.

Now if Orso is underage drunk on the sidewalk, that is a story too.  The only difference is there would not be 50 losers claiming it was unfair for her public acts to made even more public.

The reaction of PennState fans is what guaranteed this was a news story that would be made huge.  Not MO's behavior--the response of PSU fans.

Franklin will handle it, no problem.  No more trouble out of that kid or he will not make it here.  Why the hell is everybody all wired up about this?

High and tight boo boo

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Quiet now.  Just ahead is the extremely rare "reasonable Penn State fan" in its natural environment.

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Boy this sure does a lot to take down that whole sweeping things under the rug, small college town stigma they've become so famous for...

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I ask, nay, I DEMAND you not report anything possibly negative about our football team. You need to be a team player and cover that up! 

These jackasses don't realize that this is a non-story if it just happens and that's the end of it. Who cares? Said jackasses have now turned it into a story. I've long said PSU fans are the worst, most delusional bunch I've ever personally come across (I haven't been to a Bama game).

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Success with honor

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Not seeing a lot in the way of refuting what was reported. You know, actual observed facts and statements and whatnot.

WARNING: Happy Valley's sprint back to the status quo may cause serious whiplash!

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