Buckeye Targets Galore in Initial 247Sports 2017 Rankings

By Mike Rockstedt on August 11, 2014 at 4:00p
Ohio State Commit Danny Clark

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247Sports released their top 100 for the class of 2017 today, and it contains quite a few Buckeye targets.

The number one player overall, as expected, was LSU commit Dylan Moses, who has been at or near the top for months. The Buckeyes have at least 12 targets on the list, and I spoke with a couple of them about the initial rankings.

The top Ohio prospect on the list is Josh Myers, an offensive tackle from Miamisburg who comes in at No. 3 on the list. The 6-foot-6, 290-pound prospect joins Moses and A.J. Epenesa as the only five-star recruits on the list.

"It is a huge blessing," Myers told 11W. "I am just enjoying this whole experience, it is truly is a good epxerience and just a huge blessing." Myers also said that he could be coming to the Ohio State vs. Michigan game as well.

Danny Clark, Ohio State's lone commit for 2017, checks in at No. 43. Clark was excited to know where he stands with the rest of the competition.

"Now I know where I stand against the rest of the competition," Clark told 11W. "All I can do now is put forth every ounce of strength, desire, and motivation into my craft and perform at the highest level possible." 

The list contains two prospects from Ohio besides Myers and Clark, CB Marcus Williamson from Westerville South (No. 60) and WR Danny Davis from Springfield (No. 64).

Check out the full list at 247Sports.

2017 Buckeye Targets in 247Sports Top 100
Rank Position Name
10 WR Trevon Grimes
12 WR Donovan People-Jones
14 CB Shaun Wade
16 ATH Bruce Judson
20 WR Jeff Thomas
21 ATH Richard LeCounte
29 RB Colin Wilson
36 OT Kayden Lyles
58 ATH JaCoby Stevens
60 CB Marcus Williamson
64 WR Danny Davis
80 WR

Keyshawn Johnson Jr.


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BuckeyeRealist13's picture

I'm not sure if I have just misread your statement about 5* players or what but there are 42 5* players. Not 3

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Nicholas Jervey's picture

There 32 five-star players in the class of 2015. For 2017, there are only three so far.

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PresidentMeyer88's picture

For 247 rankings, there are 3 five stars. According to 247 composite, however, there are 42.

Mike Hunt

+1 HS
Nicholas Jervey's picture

Sure, but this is an article about 247's own ratings, not the composite.

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PresidentMeyer88's picture

That's true. I was just pointing out that BuckeyeRealist13 was looking at different rankings. 

Mike Hunt

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BuckeyeRealist13's picture

I checked Rivals, ESPN, and Scout. None have released their 2017 rankings. Wouldn't that suggest 247's composite, and their own rankings are the same? 

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buck-I.8's picture

Im pretty sure the composite standardizes star rating based on percentiles. So there will always be the same (or similar) number of 5 stars for the composite no matter how many overall players are given five stars in 247's actual rankings. 

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PresidentMeyer88's picture

Look like kids are getting recruited earlier and earlier. A 6'6" 290 lb. sophomore? That's awesome. I'm glad to see we're in great position with many of these recruits already. Trevon Grimes from St. Thomas Aquinas and Donovan People-Jones from Cass Tech would be huge for Urban's pipelines.

Mike Hunt

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Mike Rockstedt's picture

Updated with quotes from Danny Clark.

hit_the_couch's picture

Isnt this a little early? What are these kids, 14 or 15 right now?

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CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Great info Mike.  Nice to see where some of the targets we have a few years out stand.  Looks like there are a lot of highly ranked Ohio kids in this class.  Glad to see it is already looking good this far out.

Go Bucks!

whiskeyjuice's picture

I think Urb and staff are going for them early cause they are being forced to. Many of the SEC schools are getting ridiculous. I don't remember which SEC school, but I think a couple of them have already made offers to a couple of kids and they are not even in high school yet. It's CRAZY!!

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bafiesta's picture

Gotta take this list with a huge grain of salt.  2.5 years from now on 2017 signing day, most of the kids who will end up in the top 100 have not yet taken a meaningful high school snap. 

Still interesting to see some Ohio kids and OSU prospects on the list no matter how much it will change.  

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TURD_BUCKET's picture

I enjoy the information and will always read about recruits. However, I never get that excited about any of it,  especially potential recruits that are sophomores and juniors. I get excited AFTER they become Buckeyes.

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Toilrt Paper's picture

The #1 player in Ohio and the #3 player in the country Jeff Myers didn't make the list of Top 12 recruits that Ohio State is after?????