Boulware Bolts From Wisconsin

By Johnny Ginter on March 2, 2013 at 11:44a

Boulware goes Bollman and decides that he'd rather help Stoops by coaching TEs and special teams rather than rebuild the Badgers. No huge shame in losing out on a coach to Norman, but still a blow to a program that needs some consistency after the Bielema Betrayal. Also note that the Oklahoma press release says nothing about his stop in Madison.

Here's more from the Oklahoman:

— Nearly a week before spring practices begin, Bob Stoops completed his 2013-14 Oklahoma staff with Friday's announcement that Jay Boulware will coach tight ends and special teams.

Boulware spent the last four seasons in the same position at Auburn, and comes to Oklahoma after a short stint at Wisconsin, where he was hired in January.

“Jay owns an impressive track record as both a coach and recruiter,” Stoops said in a statement. “He possesses a wide range of coaching experience, competing in some of the nation's toughest conferences.”

Boulware, 40, was born in Oklahoma City and was a Texas offensive lineman in the early 1990s. His coaching career began at his alma mater as a graduate assistant.

He's also coached at Northern Illinois, Arizona, Stanford, Utah and Iowa State. He followed head coach Gene Chizik from Iowa State to Auburn, where he was part of the Tigers' 2010 undefeated, national championship squad.


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B1G just keeps losing coaches. Way to step up.

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I can hear Barry just a-raging right now.

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I dunno, still think as a whole Andersen will do fine with Wisconsin and as a whole they got an upgrade.

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That's a bold prediction.. Bielema wasn't going to put them over the top, but that program was always going to be competitive with him at the helm. 

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As we found out following last year's B1G Champ game, Bielema was similar to Les Miles in the way he ran the team.  He severely limited the power and decision making of his offensive staff (and he's a defensive coach).  Had he allowed his coaches to really do their thing - because he had damn good ones - they would've won far more games.  I don't think many of us know much about Andersen, but he's proven he can win with less and that's a promising sign that he knows what he's doing.  

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"Had he allowed his coaches to really do their thing...they would've won far more games."
That's pure conjecture. I think the control Bielema had over the program was a primary reason they remained stable and successful even though they had SIX ASSISTANT COACHES leave after the 2011 season.

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Pretty much everything in this thread aside from the fact that Coach Boulware is leaving UW of OU is pure speculation. 
My opinion is that yes, while he lost a ton of assistants he managed to rehire (perhaps twice blindly) some very smart coordinators (Matt Canada and prior Paul Chryst) who if left to do their thing would've brought the program more success.  If you think Bielema was so solid then I guess you expect he'll turn out above average records for Arkansas (8-4, 9-3 and the like).  I suspect he'll do worse (6-6, 5-7).  And that Andersen will win more games and maybe win a Rose Bowl (Bucks will be in a bigger bowl that year). 
We'll see with time.  It's all opinion.

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What isn't conjecture is that Wisci remained stable and successful over the last 3 years under Bielema despite assistant coach turnover..

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That's a pretty loose definition of stable and successful. The highlights of the 2012 Wisconsin Badgers:
* Lost 5 regular season games, including to Moxie McGloin-led Penn St.
* Snuck into the B1G Championship because our Buckeyes were ineligible, they went on to beat a Nebraska team that had clearly looked past them
* Got manhandled by Stanford in the Rose Bowl in a game that wasn't nearly as close as the 20-14 final score

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Lol. What.
*They lost a lot of close games.
*Although they snuck into the B1G Championship game, they housed Nebraska.
*You watched a different Rose Bowl than me. It was 17-14 into the 4th quarter, and a one score game down to the end. What are you talking about? Stanford jumping out to an early lead does not equal a "manhandling" when Wisconsin got it back in the 2nd quarter.
*They lost 6 assistants.

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I wouldn't be shocked to see Wisconsin football fall back into a pre-Alvarez state (nor would I be unhappy about that).

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Sometimes I want the rest of the BIG to be good, and sometimes I want it to be just us and the Michigan Fighting Obesity. But I guess as long as Ohio State is on top when the smoke clears, that is all that matters.

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I hear you on that...

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We want a competitive B1G to make us stronger. Say what you will about the SEC, their gauntlet conference schedule automatically makes them better. Not sure I want a B1G where OSU goes uncontested every year. thats just me.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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I agree. I would rather have tough conference games rather than have a padded schedule. Usually the teams with the weak schedule get embarrassed in bowl games because of it.  I honestly think the reason the SEC keeps winning titles is because of who they play in conference. To me I would rather have a hard schedule and take a chance of losing a few games each year, rather than walk into BCS/playoff and get smashed because that game was by far and away our toughest challenge. Notre Dame wasn't even close to being Alabama's toughest foe all year. 

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