Ohio State Moves Up in Both Polls

By Kyle Rowland on February 25, 2013 at 12:59p

AP Poll

1 Indiana (64) 24-3 1,624
2 Gonzaga (1) 27-2 1,530
3 Duke 24-3 1,461
4 Michigan 23-4 1,411
5 Miami (FL) 22-4 1,317
6 Kansas 23-4 1,272
7 Georgetown 21-4 1,236
8 Florida 22-4 1,164
9 Michigan State 22-6 1,105
10 Louisville 22-5 1,047
11 Arizona 23-4 998
12 Syracuse 22-5 915
13 Kansas State 22-5 875
14 New Mexico 23-4 764
15 Oklahoma State 20-6 692
16 Ohio State 20-7 675
17 Wisconsin 19-8 558
18 Saint Louis 21-5 495
19 Memphis 24-3 453
20 Butler 22-6 351
21 Notre Dame 22-6 328
22 Marquette 19-7 317
23 Pittsburgh 21-7 158
24 Oregon 22-6 61
25 Louisiana Tech 24-3 54

Others receiving votes: Colorado State 49, Virginia Commonwealth 45, Akron 43, Wichita State 35, Saint Mary's 24, Illinois 19, Connecticut 18, UNLV 13, North Carolina 8, California 5, Middle Tennessee 2, Missouri 1, Belmont 1, Stephen F. Austin 1

Dropped from rankings: Colorado State 22, Virginia Commonwealth 24

Coaches Poll

1 Indiana (28) 24-3 772
2 Gonzaga (3) 27-2 738
3 Duke 24-3 700
4 Michigan 23-4 654
5 Kansas 23-4 619
6 Florida 22-4 596
7 Miami (FL) 22-4 581
8 Georgetown 21-4 552
9 Louisville 22-5 535
10 Michigan State 22-6 520
11 Arizona 23-4 458
12 Syracuse 22-5 420
13 Kansas State 22-5 398
14 New Mexico 23-4 369
15 Ohio State 20-7 328
16 Wisconsin 19-8 284
17 Memphis 24-3 281
18 Oklahoma State 20-6 277
19 Saint Louis 21-5 199
20 Notre Dame 22-6 169
21 Butler 22-6 161
22 Marquette 19-7 104
23 Saint Mary's 24-5 54
24 Akron 22-4 53
25 Virginia Commonwealth 22-6 52

Others receiving votes: Pittsburgh 38, Oregon 37, Middle Tennessee 29, Louisiana Tech 24, San Diego State 13, UNLV 12, Wichita State 12, Colorado State 10, Connecticut 5, Illinois 5, Oklahoma 5, North Carolina 3, California 3, UCLA 2, Belmont 1, Creighton 1, Kentucky 1

Dropped from rankings: Colorado State 21, Pittsburgh 22, Oregon 23


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Orlando Pancakes's picture

Honestly I'm surprised we didn't move up further, but it's not football so it doesn't matter. We just need to keep improving so we can be playing well come tourney time.

brandonbauer87's picture

I hope Gonzaga gets a 1 seed and a second round upset at the hands of an 8th seeded Minnesota. 

Idaho Helga's picture

I live in Gonzaga territory.  Don't discount the Bulldogs.  Would you do that to Duke? Mark Few is trying hard to be the Duke of the West.  With a fair amount of momentum too.
This is likely their best team ever and I wouldn't want the Bucks playing them anytime and I am I die hard Buckeye.  Gonzaga's only 2 losses are to Illinois and Butler.   Both those teams beat Indiana.
Now, I made a few bucks and got 2 lunches from folks here last year when we played them in March Madness as of course locals were betting on Gonzaga and me on the Bucks.  But Gonzaga is far better this year.  
Mark Few is a really, really, excellent recruiter and coach.  Gonzaga is getting deeper pockets to fund what he wants. 
We'll see how they do in the WCC championship; if you think the Pac12 is better than the WCC you are likely mistaken. And yes, I get pac-12 updates every 20 minutes on my local espn radio.  

brandonbauer87's picture

They may be legit but its hard to say. With a weak schedule as a whole you can't be sure. It's the same situation as Boise in football. 

OldColumbusTown's picture

If nothing changes, OSU will probably end up ranked in about the same place at the end of year (15th or so), but will probably end up seeded lower than their ranking.  I expect OSU to be a 5 or 6 currently, simply based on the fact they've done nothing away from home. 
However, if OSU were to do something unexpected, like upset Indiana in Bloomington, or make it to the B1G tournament final, then obviously their ranking would improve some, but their seeding would drastically change.

Triv's picture

What has Michigan done on the road though? Their "signature" road win is an 8 point victory over Minnesota. On the road they've lost to OSU, IU, Wisconsin, and got blown out by MSU. Not saying Michigan is bad team, but I'd argue our road resume is just as impressive as theirs. If Michigan plays Duke and Kansas, they have 6 losses, because Michigan hasn't beat a team with solid big man play all year (see Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin to an extent)

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

OldColumbusTown's picture

Believe me, I'm not disagreeing.  I think Ohio State is a better team than Michigan this year.  Their non-conference schedule was soft at the time, but they have Burke and became a media darling for the way they've turned around the Michigan program.  I'm not convinced they don't drop both of their remaining home games against MSU and IU.
However, they do have wins over Kansas State, Pittsburgh, and NC State.  None were really that notable at the time, but it makes their overall resume look better based on the fact the KSU and Pitt games were on a neutral court, and both are tournament teams now.  Also, road wins over possible NCAA teams (Minnesota and Illinois) also helps. 
Unfortunately, Ohio State has zero road/neutral wins over possible NCAA teams.  They've been close, but ultimately have failed.  That is why the Indiana game is so important.  It doesn't hurt them necessarily if they lose, but it would be a humongous boost to get a win on the road at #1 Indiana.

tampa buckeye's picture

Road wins hard to come by in the big ten...Ohio state had a good road loss, yes there is such a thing, vs. Duke and at Michigan a game they had stolen from them.  Honestly right now they are a lock for a 4th seed.  If they win the big ten tourney no lower then a 2 seed.  
Big ten basketball=Sec football

twalsh's picture

The B1G Basketball is not even close to sec football. The sec has espn and oversigning recruits and that what keeps them at the top of college football. If the sec played by the same rules as the B1G we wouldn't even be talking about the sec in football.

ralEbuckI's picture

To be fair, I think the big ten needs to win some national championships (in the last decade at least) before you can say that.

GABuckeye's picture

What's crazy is that they've lost:
@ #1 Indiana by 13
@ #3 Duke by 5
@ #4 Michigan by 2 in OT
vs #5 Kansas by 8 and played TERRIBLY
@ #10 Michigan State by 3
@ #16 Wisconsin by 22 - horrible, horrible game
@ unranked Illinois by 19 - another horrible, horrible game
They've been in every game but 2, which were both away.  The only really bad game is the Illinois game.  I think one game like that is allowed in a season.  There is reason for optimism.  Maybe those losses by 2, 3, and 5 become toss ups playing on a neutral floor.  

OldColumbusTown's picture

Most probably do become toss-ups on neutral floors, but I know each year the refrain from the NCAA selection committee is "who did you play and who did you beat."  Yes, OSU has played an extremely tough schedule.  Unfortunately, they've rarely come up with that all-important W.  At the end of the day, that is what the selection committee will use to substantiate their seedings.
If they could somehow upset #1 IU in Bloomington, that would go a long way because it'd be an extremely impressive road win.  Add that to wins over top 5 UM and MSU, and you have three major quality wins.  Then, the fact that they maybe didn't have as many road wins doesn't mean as much, because they've proven they can beat the best of the best anywhere.

GABuckeye's picture

No argument here and all good points.  I was just saying it was crazy.  I wasn't trying to argue up or down on the NCAA tournament seed, although I do think they need to be in that 4 or 5 range as of now.

Nick's picture

I think wins vs both M schools are good wins, like the commentary during the game they kept talking about how Ohio State has no good wins at all, completing ignoring the win over our rival who I believe was slated to be #1 at the time and is still in the top five.  Plus if some balls (calls) bounce another way we would have beaten both M schools at their place as well. 
As long as the team plays great defense and doesn't throw up quick threes they have a great chance of beating any team in the country. 

ERIC OSU's picture

Anyone watching the Kansas/Ia St game? I can only hope that Shannon Scott blossoms into the same-type player as Elijah Johnson

Orlando Pancakes's picture

Yeah and Iowa State got robbed with the no-call on the obvious charge by Kansas.