Filmmaker Behind 'Nuts: The Best Damn Fans in the Land' Launches a Fundraiser

By Jason Priestas on February 13, 2013 at 2:26p

A few weeks ago, we told you about Mike Newman, an Ohio State alumnus and filmmaker who is making a documentary about the greatest group of people on earth, Buckeye fans. At the time, he was looking for rabid fans to appear in the doc and had put out some test footage.

He's still looking for fans and now he's raising funds to get the project off of the ground. Nuts: The Best Damn Fans in the Land has a new Kickstarter-like campaign on indiegogo with a goal of raising $50,000. Rewards are setup at various levels with a pretty low barrier of entry into the co-associate producer level, if that's your kind of thing.

Consider giving, or at the very least, telling a few friends about the fundraiser. After all, this is a movie about you and your people.

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If he wanted he could also use as a fundraising source too. It's where a lot of technology and art focused projects such as game design, film, and other projects are heavily funded by thousands of people. Mike Newman should check it out.

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^ Agreed. My friend, who is a documentary filmmaker, used Kickstarter to help fundraise for her film. I would definitely recommend doing this.

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Thanks guys, but I chose IndieGoGo over Kickstarter for a few reasons, primarily b/c it's easier for people to use Paypal or their credit card than using Amazon Payments, which is what Kickstarter forces people to use.

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Understandable, but it would help you in the long run using both IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. Unless, there is rules against using two different fundraising sites. Nonethless, I understand your reasoning, but honestly I've never heard of IndieGoGo before compared to Kickstarter.

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Not trying to flame you because it sounds like a documentary I'd watch however I literally cannot stand Buckeyeman or Buck-I-Guy or Big Nut and they're probably going to staples to your documentary. I assume that Buckeyeman, Buck-I-Guy, and Big Nut are probably decent people but man there is just something about them that drives me crazy.
I sat in 28AA for a season a few years ago where Buckeyeman sits and he annoyed me. I think Big Nut sat with him a few times (or I've had some other exposure to him... I don't remember exactly) and he was just as annoying to be around. Finally I've been around Buck-I-Guy outside the stadium and it was just as unpleasant. 
What makes Buckeye fans stand out to me? How they support their team by traveling to the away games or showing up for the spring game. Not dressing up trying to be noticed.

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This. I can not stand those 3.

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Well I can personally attest to the fact that Buckeyeman does travel to many if not all the away games. I have met him twice in Minneapolis and thought he was a great guy ! Always willing to pose for pictures with the fans/Alumni groups.




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It would be cool for him to cover the alumni scene across the country.
Here in Seattle there's no contest - Ohio State fans are the largest non-local college football fanbase, by far.

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That is in the plans if I can obtain funding. I can't cover all of it, but I will pick select cities like Seattle.

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Anyways folks, if you can afford anything at all, help make this happen. This is a project well worth supporting...

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Please interview some "normal fans". I have a feeling this documentary will have a heavy dose of those "look at me" "superfans".

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Don't worry, I will be interviewing as many "normal" fans as I can. Like I've said before, Buckeye Nation is diverse and this documentay will reflect this.

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Weird how that works

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I'm in.  Good luck, Mike!

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