The New Cover of SI

By Jason Priestas on January 8, 2013 at 11:28a

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I figured it would be some shot of a ND player being roasted....nothing to see here




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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Anything SI, SN, SECBS,ESECPN, ABSEC,NDBC, don't belong on BUCKEYE site.Don't these people cause enough pain to BUCKEYE NATION, without Buckeye fans helping to spread their trash.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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You think UFM is going to hide this cover from the players so it doesn't cause them pain?  Have you learned nothing yet?
It wouldn't shock me if he prints a copy for every locker, door, bulletin board, training table, chair, sink, and water fountain in the building as a constant reminder of who they are preparing for!

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Exactamundo.  We need to prepare for something bigger than the B1G.  We need to sweat over 'Bama.  We won't get our respect back until we beat them.  End of story.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

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Homeboy this is MOTIVATION. 
You say anything ESPN doesn't belong on a Buckeye site. Well need I remind you that Our Head Coach himself provided commentary last night for ESPN. 
No more excuses, denial, head in the sand mentality. Urban is facing the SEC Beast head f*cking on and we better nut up and embrace the challenge. 

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I'm surprised they didn't go with a shot of Katherine Webb for the cover. It would probably sell better.

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AJ: I've got 99 problems, and Brent Mussberger poaching my girl ain't one of them.

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You gotta admit that Mussberger was a little more than creepy last night but.....
he does have excellent taste.

Long live the southend.

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My wife says she didn't think it was creepy at all... There's a reason that we have the term "dirty old men," 'cause, well, men like to look at hot chicks, and eventually we get old.
Creepy or not, I think the faux outrage the produced this ESPN apology is probably a bit overdone...

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Agreed.  Musberger wasn't operating the camera, was he?  They were baiting the poor guy.

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Say what you want...but that is a great picture

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pretty much sums it up

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Lacy reminded me of Ron Dayne.  Big dude that runs threw people.  I thought he was going to step on the guys chest and squash him like a bug.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

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I'm feeling very puckish today. The air is cleaner. The sky is brighter.
No doubt, the results of seeing ND trampled last night. Excuse me while I troll the internet for Irish butt-hurt.

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I'm already putting the above edition of SI to good use:

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You've got some photo-shop skillz, Fido.

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Ugh. Did the score really have to resemble another painful moment in our lives?

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I like the score.  It is now officially the worst smackdown in a NC game, the new #1 in that category.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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How soon we forget:
I love how Bob Stoops continually gets away with epic flops in big games and suffers minimal harm to his reputation. 

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^ This. For the record, losing 55-19 is worse than 42-14 (even if USC's victory has since been vacated).

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Last time a school without the SEC letters in their division won a BCS NC

2012 Beat Michigan Tail gate:  UFM:  "Let’s beat the sh*t out of Michigan, have a good night."

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Interestingly, the score of 42-14 not only resembles a painful memory for all OSU fans of 41-14 from back when none of us liked Urban Meyer. But also, when Alabama destroyed UM at the beginning of the season, the score was 41-14.

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I would freeze an image from this gem.

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Hey, I just had a brillaint idea: maybe 11W should get AJ's girlfriend to model t-shirts for the site's advertisers... that could work, right?
On the other hand, maybe we don't want Mussberger trolling around here...

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Can't wait until Ohio State is on the cover! It would be great it was against either of these two teams. 

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We all used to think that appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated was a jinx for future competitions.  That may be.
But better to be jinxed, than to appear on the cover of SI playing the part of patsy in a nasty beatdown.

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You mean like this?

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Ouch! Thaaaaaaaat's gonna leave a mark!



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It DID leave a mark!  G'bye, Lloyd Carr.
But as long as we're going back to Lloyd Carr, there's.....

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OMG I was there for that one, in Columbus.  (And for App. State in Ann Arbor!  My memory of that one had scarred over so perfectly, that I had completely forgotton about that SI cover.)
Anyway, I hope for the sanity of all of you guys that you never have a season where you are choosing between Nick Sheridan and Steven Threet as your QB.  Joe Bauserman would easily have started at QB in '08 had he signed with Michigan.
Look at the '08 numbers for Beanie.  134 yards; but on 15 carries.  There should have been a mercy rule.  Actually, I think Jim Tressel did his own mercy rule.  We're lucky that Coach Tressel pulled Beanie before he ran for for 334 yards.

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M Man, you are a good sport. I don't think Michigan will have to endure any more seasons like 2008, 2009, 2010 for a long time to come. But, no, if Bauserbomb had been playing in 2008, he wouldn't have started for Wittenberg University, let alone beat out the plucky Nick Sheridan.   

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You shall be downvoted to oblivion for the pic M Man. :/

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I upvoted you M man. I thought you might respond with that, and you did. At least an OSU loss to the Skunkweasels is not as globally unexpected as a Skunkweasel loss to Appalachian State...