Slam Thompson Makin' Posters in West Lafayette

By Jason Priestas on January 8, 2013 at 9:41p

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Silverbuck8's picture

Just imagine if he ever puts together a good mid range jumper to go with that athleticism.

kalabuckzoo's picture

I actually thought he hit a couple timely jumpers tonight, he put us up 8 with a nice jumper with under 2 minutes remaining that prompted me to say aloud..."that was clutch!"

Killer nuts's picture

I say it everytime he does something like this but waiting to see what he does next should be more than enough reason to watch Buckeye basketball. The dude creates water-cooler conversations with a single leap

Poison nuts's picture

Oh - making posters indeed!!! Pure sickness...

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rickyu22's picture

He is a beast! Saw this one in person...he is an amazing athlete!!! 

Buckeyebrowny919's picture

anyone have the goaltending block?

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GoBucks713's picture

I'd like to see him pack on about 8-10 lbs and develop more of a mid range game, then this kid could be deadly.

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Lincoln's picture

The spin move, followed by the little fall away lay-up was something I loved seeing. We need more guys that can get to the hole and finish. Craft did it last night but is inconsistant, Lenzelle is a charge machine going to the hole, Scott gets there so nicley but can't seem to finish in traffic, and Tank rarely beats people off the the dribble and finishes inside anymore.