New Georgia Tech DC Ted Roof is Making a Run at Trey Johnson

By Jason Priestas on January 11, 2013 at 9:47a

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I hadn't followed Trey's recruiting too closely, but I was always puzzled by his PSU interest.  I guess this explains it.

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Come at me bro!

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The story suggests Trey would follow Roof wherever he goes. If this is the case Trey wouldn't have committed when he did. Wouldve been logical to wait until NSD to see where Roof ended up. Me thinks this is pure speculation and nothing more than that.

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After watching how Trey's proud mother was and how happy Trey looked after he announced for Ohio State, I think this would be a very uphill battle for Mr. Roof and the Yella Jackets.
Of course, just because he committed to the best damn team in the land, doesn't mean the others are just going to stop recruiting him. It will be an excercise in futility though, for GT.



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Why in the world do they think Trey would consider Georgia Tech over tOSU?  Oh, and Auburn sux...

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I feel pretty good about Johnson's commital, but Roof leaving is no joke to Penn State; the guy can coach and recruit and kids love him. I would say this is one to keep our eyes on definitely.

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*In my best Taken voice*..."Good Luck"

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Have to keep recruiting guys until they're signed and sealed, even if they're already committed to us. I remember reading from Conley that TTUN did not have great communication after he committed

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I agree, and I think our staff does that well.  I also saw this tweet from Miles earlier:

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Think winning is important to Trey. As long as OSU continues to communicate as DMC mentioned above there shouldn't be a problem.

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Lolz. Urbz says bring it on. 

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Its a nice signal that we are getting good players.  

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Urban flips recruits.. Recruits aren't flipped from Urban. You don't want him coming after all your players (even though they aren't OSU caliber).

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Saw Georgia real quick and got worried, then saw that it was Tech and breathed a sigh of relief. This kid, first and formost, wants to go to a school where Linebackers are featured, and it ain't Georgia Tech, connection to the coach or not, he knows it would be a bad move to leave now !




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Not worried about Trey Johnson. Anyone who saw how proud he and his family were to announce "The Ohio State" (what's up with that anyway?) at the AAA game knows he's going nowhere. 

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I think Mitchell said it that way as well. When did we lose the University?

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I think many recruits end up butchering their college choices name in an attempt to lead on other schools. I remember Pryor said "The University of Ohio State" or something and it was thought to make people think he was going to say University of Michigan.

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Not going to happen; especially to the Ramblin Wreck!

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