Mike Krzyzewski Rips Maryland's Move to the B1G

By Jason Priestas on January 15, 2013 at 5:49p

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“This is an assault on tradition,” Krzyzewski said. “What sets us apart from the pros? What sets us apart from the rest of the world? Intercollegiate sports is really something that only the United States has. No other country has that. And our thing is based on all the right values: loyalty, honesty, tradition. The branding that you have gotten from doing that has elevated the academic institutions that those athletic programs represent. And doing things the way we’re doing it now, based on money, I think it takes away from the academic missions and the innocence that an academic institution has.”

What a completely misguided, uninformed, and frankly naively inaccurate understanding of intercollegiate athletics in the United States.

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Coach K has some valid points, but other country do have intercollegiate sports. In fact, in Mexico many of the university soccer teams play in the professional league. They don't distinguish between pros and amateurs like we do exactly.

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Well, that's sort of what I was getting at.  He's right that American college athletics have a unique identity.  But that's not necessarily something to be proud of.  Intercollegiate athletics is a free minor league system to the professional markets, one in which the athletes don't get a representative cut of the earnings.  He does make valid points, if you just so happen to agree with his idealistic, myopic view of things.

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Come on man, you can't really tell me your are happy with all the conference money grabs and musical chairs going on right now? College sports, esp college football, have always been about tradition and the unique identities of each conference. Missouri and Tex AM in the SEC..does that sound right? Maryland in the B10...does that sound right? Or what about the non sense that would have went down in the BE....TCU and Boise State, how does that make any sense. The only sense that it makes is money...with no regard for tradition or what the fanbase as a whole wants. I get that we live in  modern world but to take a sport so steeped in tradition to to turn it upside down is sad.

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I agree. I understand why everyone is doing what they're doing, but it doesn't mean I like it...

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Miami Fla should still be independent
Arizona should still be in the Western Athletic Conference
Texas should be in the Southwest Conference
Oregon should be in the Pacific Coast Conference
The Big 10 has been around for 116 years, the SEC for 80, no other conference has been around longer than 60 years, besides the MAC (65 years) but they have switched teams/members around frequently. 
college football has been played since 1869......about 143 years.  Maryland has been playing football since 1892 and wasn't in the ACC till 1953.  Coack K can talk about history and tradition, but some Humans knew Maryland only as a Southern Conference member.  The youth of today will grow to know Maryland as a Big 10 member, as much as the youth in 1953 grew to know Maryland as an ACC member.
Does Coach K think Duke would have been better off today, had they stuck with the Big Five Conference, instead of joining the ACC?  They bucked tradition to start a new one, so will others.

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JohnBlair, You make the best points in this whole thread - an upvote for you.  The only thing constant about college athletics is change.  History and tradition only carry you so far, until new tradtions are formed.  Most of the changes in conference alignment that you cited were because of money - either in an attempt to make more of it through new alliances, or reduce costs because of logistics. 

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Great post and great point, John.^^^^^^^



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Have you been to Missouri or Texas?

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cincy- I don't disagree with the general theme of your post. Respect for tradition is important and I can't say I entirely like the role money has taken in determining conferences.
The only thing I take issue with is that "tradition" is very dependent upon where you stand and when you grew up. As an example, you mention A&M to the SEC as not sounding right. (Actually I think that's not a bad fit at all- but that's for another post), and its safe to assume many people think its tradition and just right for them to be in the Big 12. But to me, and probably to others of my generation, Texas A&M belongs in the Southwest Conference, with Arkansas, Baylor, Rice, Texas, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, and Houston. The Big 12 was ALREADY a break with tradition from that perspective.
For another example you mention Maryland to the B1G, but to me the tradition of the B1G broke in 1993 when Penn State started playing.
Missouri? Well Missouri belongs in the Big Eight. 
The traditions of the Big Ten including ten teams, the membership of the Southwest Conference, and the Big 8 were traditions much, much longer than Missouri and Texas A&M being in the Big 12.
Not saying you're wrong- part of me hates all the current changes- but just saying that "traidition" is a lot more subjective then people seem to think. Heck, I miss the Metro conference.
Side note, but how cool would it have been the old Metro Conference had stuck together? The football actually would have been pretty good- Florida State, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Southern Miss, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, Tulane (and St. Louis, but no football). That confernece, by the way, existed for as long as Missouri and Texas A&M have been in the Big 12.

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Missouri? Well Missouri belongs in the Big Eight.

So does Nebraska not belong in the B1G? I'm betting that most B1G fans are happy as hell NU is in the B1G, even if they aren't a member of the AAU.



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To me Nebraska doesn't belong in the B1G. That's the value i place on tradition, or more accurately the value I place on tradition as I perceive it.
Reality-wise, things are changing. The B1G has to change. Of the changes it could have made and will make, Nebraska is not a bad one. 
I wouldn't say I'm unhappy that Nebraska is in the B1G, but I would say I am unhappy that The Big Eight doesn't still exist and Nebraska isn't it, with Texas in the Southwestern conference, Florida State in the Metro, Penn State independent, etc. That's the era I see as "tradition" and view with nostalgia.
For the same reasons, I see Maryland as in the ACC. I'm not really sure where I see Rutgers. Am I unhappy with either of those in the B1G? Again, not really- things change and times change. From a personal perspective, its kinda nice- I live in Northern Virginia and will get to go to every OSU game at Maryland, Rutgers, and PSU, rather than just a game here and there when I can make it back to Columbus.
Its possible to be happy with Nebraska in the B1G and yet still feel they belong in the Big Eight and wish that conference was still around.

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Call me crazy, but i suspect coach k actually has a bit less naive perspective than you. given that he's in the business of intercollegiate athletics and all...

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He's in the business of SELLING intercollegiate athletics.

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Specifically Duke athletics. Keeping Maryland in the ACC might be great for Duke, but tell that to the guy or gal who has to balance the Maryland athletic budget.

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Just Wow.....Coach K's 2010 salary was $4.7 mil. The highest paid CBB coach and ranked 3rd behind Nick Saban and Mack Brown when compared to CFB coaches for that time period. He was also the highest paid Duke employee.
I guess the word 'hypocrisy' is not part of Coach K's vocab.

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According to USAToday Coach K is currently hauling in over 7 million a year to coach the dookies 

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He could have donated a serious chunk of that to keep Maryland in the ACC if he felt so strongly about it.

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I actually kind of agree with him. I hate what has happened in the last 5-10 years with conference expansion. I love modern culture, but I am a purist for the most part when it comes to sports. Tradition is one thing you don't mess with and all this expansion over money is messing with that. Just because collgee sports are now all about money does make it right...he does bring up some very good points.

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Yeah, they're really going to be down in the dumps about this when Syracuse-Duke games will be must-see-TV, or when Ohio State invades Baltimore and eats the town out of its blue crab supply.
Cry me a river.  Rivalries take time.  All rivalries and competitive relationships were new at one point.  Tradition doesn't exist, until it does.

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"Cry me a river"...way to be mature about things.
Its easy to sit on your high horse when your conference is not being raided. I don't know many ppl that are happy about adding the mighty Terrapins or that powerhouse from NJ.

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As a resident of the state that powerhouse resides in, I can rell you there are quite a few people who are happy about them being added to the BIG. There are huge numbers of BIG fans in the NE, so many I believe Rutgers home games will have to be played at MetLife stadium. The ACC and the BE weren't raided in some hostile takeover. They are not Blue Star Airlines and Jim Delany isn't Gordon Gekko. As Liz Taylor once said after being criticized for "stealing" Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds: "You can't break up a happy marriage"

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This isn't a B10 issue...I used that as an example. The issue is about money and the insane shifting of conferences that is happening as a result. Coach K made very valid and clear points, yet some ppl want to focus on the one quote about MD rather than the overall message he was trying to convey. I don't know how anyone can say that the realignment craze has been good for CFB.
And that's great Rutgers is happy to upgrade...most B10 fans look at as nothing but a money grab(which it is) that adds very little value on the field/court. The same goes for MD, but at least they have a respectable CBB program.
*Sorry for the downvote...was not intentional.

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I was dreading Rutgers in the B1G but have already accepted it. Hopefully they will support their team as many in the B1G do. Time to move on with other issues.



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maryland is laughing all the way to the bank. big ten money$$$$$$

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Thats kind of the point...collgee sports are becoming too focus on short term financial windfalls without looking at how it might play out long term. Maryland and Rutgers make sense $$$ wise, but other than that they bring nothing in terms of rivalry or prestige for the B10 and they lose out on the idnetities and rivalries they have known for decades.

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Was the ACC going to save Maryland's athletic department? 

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Good point. I've heard that the ACC is all about NC and Duke. We have a defacto profit sharing arrangement. Easy for coach k to say but he's in the cat bird seat.

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What would DJ say to this?

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Will Coach K refer to Pitt and Syracuse as "outsiders" when they join the ACC?

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If you read the article rather than just the headline you'll see that he is really talking about the state of college athletics in general and how everything has become about money with little regard for anything else. The Maryland quote was a very small part of the article and was used to make a point.

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I read the article. I read the article very carefully. I read the article and i saw where he said that Maryland would be an outsider. What i did not read is him address if the new additions were considered outsiders like he referred to Maryland because of their geography. I don't need you to interpret anything for me.

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Lets be honest here, if you did indeed read the article then you would notice that the quote about MD was used as an example so your comment about his opinion on Syracuse really made no sense as that was not what the article was about nor the actual message he was trying to convey. Maybe I'm wrong, but I took your original comment as a sarcastic comment directed at Coach K...one that really wasn't needed based on the message he was trying to get across. Who cares what his opinion of Syracuse is?

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I don't think that your opinion or interpretation on any issue is the benchmark for anyone else. Just because you think a certain way, that doesn't mean everyone has to agree with you. Other opinions are just as important, whether you believe it or not. That includes if you deem someone else's question dumb or "who cares'.

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Read the comments though. Sounds like a lot of the Maryland fans are coming around to the change. Especially with what the ACC is becoming (they aren't having home-away with UNC/Duke/NCState anymore)

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As an Ohio State fan, I'm very "meh" about Maryland joining the B1G.  As a Duke fan, I'm sad to see Maryland go.  When I was down there, they were playing good enough ball that we stayed in K-Ville after the Carolina game to camp out for Maryland tickets.  I love watching the Devils beat them!  I guess I'll just have to settle for watching Ohio State beat them in football. At least I'll get to mock their horrible unis! 
I do hate how the realignment of all the conferences has destroyed some great rivalries....but as my dad's friend says, "The answer is money. What's the question?"

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I've been lurking on some Maryland sites and their fans are great, completley rabid. I can tell they are gonna be fun when they get here. I keep hearing that they aren't a cultural fit and that is a load of BS. Look, I know the corn fields of Nebraska and Iowa are a far cry from the ocean front of Maryland, but how much more of an extreme cultural difference are they from the back country of rural Georgia (GT) or the bustling downtown of Miami Florida? All conferences are extremely diverse from end to end, and the new B1G is no different. It's no secret that Maryland fans feel like they are playing second fiddle to the NC basketball schools. Here with us they have the oppurtunity to be considered a top teir bball school if they do well. With Dook and NC no matter how many games they win they will be second tier.
Coach K has already said that he feels like the ACC is "vulnerable" (and that was his exact word). I really think this is more of coach K venting some frustration becuase lets face it, if the B1G or the SEC come calling they will get whoever the hell they want and their is nothing the ACC can do to stop it.

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Read his comments in the Post. Pissed me off. Accused university presidents of not getting tradition. ACC tradition, to be specific, which so supercedes any other conference tradition (sarcasm font on). UMd president came from the B1G, and Kirwin, chancellor the Md university system, was an OSU president. ACC bootleggers, I say! And heavens, now the move will take away from their academic missions! Yeah, the CIC is not important and the B1G is full of tier 4 universities. Riiiight.
Maryland had no choice. It sucks for them rivalry and tradition-wise for now. But they will find new rivalries. What would Coach K say to the UMd athletes who were part of the 7 teams that were cut? Sorry, but it is more important for your lacrosse and basketball teams to be able to play Duke every year? Bah.

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A Post commenter provided this little gem showcasing Coach K's hypocrisy on this issue...
""Mike K. in late 2011:

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski was thrilled with the potential additions ('Cuse & Pitt).

"I'm proud of the leadership of our conference to be ahead of things," Krzyzewski told ESPN.com's Katz on Saturday night. "We're in a period of change. Whether everyone agrees with it or doesn't agree with it -- change is happening. It's not a revolution, it's evolution. These things are happening.

"The NBA had the ABA. The NFL had the AFL. There was once no BCS. The NIT was once better than the NCAA (tournament). When it happens while you're doing it, it seems like it shouldn't happen, but it is. I think the leadership in our conference is doing a great job of getting ahead. It's good thinking, especially if everything goes down with these two schools that have great athletic programs. They are unbelievable fits for our conference.""

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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^^^ Good find.

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Did he say Innocence? .Innocence ended the minute all these university's started making boatloads of money from the athletes who perform like trained animals at a zoo. Innocence ends when athletic leaders take away from kids what they are supposed to enjoy i.e innocence. (think State Penn). Innocence ended along long time ago Coach K.......Stop trying make out like you are the single bastion standing against an evil empire. The ACC not too long ago incorporated other teams into their conference but nary a word from you Coach K because it benefitted the ACC and more importantly Duke University. Where were all these words when your conference broke up other rivalries? Where was this concern when the long arm of the ACC reached out and annexed other teams? What a hypocrite you are Coach K!  Are you being naive or are you just stupid? Money money money makes the world go round Coach K.....You aren't getting this call the way you get so many on the court calls......Sorry all........Im done................

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I have family in Maryland who are excited for the move. They know what being a part of the BIG will mean to their programs beyond hoops.