2013 Pro Bowl Rosters Released

By Jason Priestas on December 27, 2012 at 9:07a

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Making the Pro Bowl in the NFC at corner this year was tough sledding. Obviously people fell in love with turn overs, given the fact that all three guys that made it were turnover machines. Tillman and Jennings each found the endzone (Tillman thrice this year) and Peterson's 7 INT's obviously carried him further than Winfields solid, if not spectacular play. Corners that tackle as well as him aren't easy to find but a lack of impact plays really hurt him, given the fact that the three guys ahead of him accounted for 13 (tillman), 8 (Jennings) and 7 (Peterson) Turnovers a piece.
I do want to see what sort of buzz Charles Tillman can get for Defensive Player of the Year. The Bears hit a really bad stretch where they weren't forcing the ball out and Tillman will get some of the blame for that but 10 FF's, Three INT's and Three TD's has to go a long way.

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Chiefs get 5 in, pfffffttttttt!!!!!!

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Aw yes. The Pro Bowl. It's that special time of year when Browns fans once again are reminded that an offensive lineman is their best player. Kudos to Joe Thomas.
Also, congrats to Phil Dawson. Your slection is very deserving. 

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I was so excited to see Phil Dawson was finally selected.
So in addition to being reminded that an offensive lineman is our best player, we can remember that our offensive MVP (for years now) is our kicker.

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Yeah. Sad, but true. I am happy for Dawson. 

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Nothing wrong with a left tackle being your best player as long as that player is elite.  Joe Thomas is elite.
Andrew Whitworth from the Bengals continues to get snubbed for Pro Bowls.  I don't think I would trade him for any other tackle in the league.  I would rate him as the 3rd best player on the roster behind Geno Atkins and AJ Green.

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This is not his first snub, I can't say that I'm all that surprised. He's had 3-4 other seasons with similar tackle totals and turnover numbers where he didn't get in. People pick who they view to be shutdown corners or turnover creators; that's all of the "flash." Winfield's rock solid annual performance is largely overlooked in favor of those other things year in and year out.
Doesn't make him any less valuable. If you ever watch a Vikings game it is clear as day how much he helps that defense function.

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

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Well "Flash" is what seperates solid performers from game changers. I'd be interested to see what game or games did Winfield take over or directly impact? Tillman and Jennings each have game changing\altering scores on their resume. I haven't watched much Arizona this year save for last week and Patrick Peterson is a really really damn good corner.

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DO you guys think Morris from Washington got snubbed for NFC RB's? Do you think he should be in over Frank Gore?

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He had a really really good year. Morris should have been on that roster and may end up being Gore's replacement if SF goes as far as they are capable of going. 1400 yards, 10 scores, 4.7 per touch. That's a Pro Bowl season no matter who you ask.

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Alex Boone is an alternate

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James Lauranitis is playing Pro Bowl caliber ball, but it's impossible to place him over Bowman or Willis. What is at fault, though, is how they select people based on a 4-3 set when many of these teams play a 3-4. Guys like Aldon Smith, Ware, and Matthews are for all intents and purposes a DE who never play off the LOS. They should really be selecting at least 3 ILB's.

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I think it's completely possible to put Laurinaitis over Bowman at the very least. Playing in a 4-3, Laurinaitis is the man on that defense. Bowman has other guys like Willis, Whitner, J. Smith, A. Smith, Goldson, Rogers to help him along. 2 pro bowlers on the DL, 2 in the secondary, and one of the best LBs in the game right next to you.
It's not fair. JL has the Pillsbury Doughboy playing DT, Howie's kid at end, a corner in Janoris Jenkins who may be one of the best in the NFL some day but isn't there yet, OLBs who are nobodies, and safeties that I can't name.
JL got no help, but JL, Finnegan, and Jenkins are the reason that the Rams defense could stop a nose bleed this year.

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It's not that much of a snub because even though PP shouldn't be there it should be Richard Sherman of the Seahawks who got less votes because of his PED appeal (which he won).

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Bingo. Sherman was the big snub at corner, he beat the daylights out of wideouts all year. Winfield's play was spectacular when you take into account he was their only good corner. Plus the guy is in his 14th year of being a top flight overall corner.

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