Ohio State Enters the Top 5

By Kyle Rowland on November 4, 2012 at 12:38p

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johnblairgobucks's picture

Lane Kiffin can tell recruits, that he is coaching the best 3-loss team in the country......soon to be the best 4 loss team (ND), then the best 5 loss team (UCLA). 

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No way. USC is going to coast the rest of the season IMO.

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did you think they would have 3 losses at this point?

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

No. But ND isn't Oregon.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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ND has a reeeeally iffy secondary and USC has the most ridiculous WR duo in the country. It's matchup nightmare for a team that just all but lost to Pitt.

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I agree, then again Oklahoma has a pretty good set of receivers as well.  They actually threw for a bunch of yards but just could not sustain drives, if usc gets short fields then they will win but if not Barkley has shown that he will throw a pick or two.

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WTF is giving 4 loss Arizona, which just got beat 66-10, votes in the top 25 poll? 

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Sooner or later they will run out of one-loss teams to put ahead of/tied with Ohio State.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Ohio State wins in OT vs Purdue, moves down
ND wins in triple OT vs Pittsburgh, doesnt move down

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Ohio State struggles vs anyone, moves down.
Florida struggles at home against an awful Mizzou team, doesn't move down.
To win in the SEC is a glorious thing. To lose against an SEC team whilst being an SEC team, also a glorious thing.

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It's amazing how ND wasn't dinged for that officials-ripped-off-Pitt victory.  Even ultra-homer Holtz admitted that the refs lost that one for Pitt.

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Yes, many crappy and non calls by the officials.  Just to name a few:  there was a ball spiked on the field by a ND defensive lineman - no call.  OSU got dinged for that earlier this year.  Also, the same lineman threw a punch (or slap) in OT, right in front of the refs, no call.  We burp on someone and the yellow flag comes out.  ND D was barking out offensive counts in OT, got flagged the second time they did it, minimal penalty of delay of game - the officials can call Unsportsmanlike and march off 15 - not gonna happen in South Bend.  Pitt got HOMERED.  That said, the refs are just part of the game that you have to overcome sometimes.

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where else could they fall?

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YAY, the Buckeyes are the first team to 10 wins and still can't out-shine a team that lost to South Carolina 35-7!  Gotta love those preseason polls!  How many days left until this sh*t stops mattering (ie. playoff selection committee begins)?

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interesting to see how all the voters voted this week.  We were ranked as high as 4 but as low as 11?  Also, someone had Washington(5-4) at 17!

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Oh polls, how fun are they.

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Just keep winning games, that's all we can do.
Our next two games will define the season, in three weeks we'll know where we stand.
It would have been interesting if we were eligible for the bowls though, I don't know what the BCS would do with a possiblity of 5 undefeated teams.

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That Washington vote was courtesy of Josh Kendall of South Carolina. He had a two-loss LSU team ahead of the Buckeyes and Florida (who gave the Tigers one of their losses). Also ahead of Florida, a two-loss South Carolina team (homers gonna homer) that got trucked by the Gators and a two-loss Oklahoma team (both of those losses at home).
And the Ass Hat Voter Award goes to....

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Quit worrying about the stupid polls. They make little sense sometimes. Lets focus on our boys winning the last two games and heading into the off-season undefeated, with a revenge victory over those turds up north.