Minnesota WR AJ Barker Is Maaaaddd At Jerry Kill

By Johnny Ginter on November 18, 2012 at 8:26p

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Holy crap... Jerry Kill sounds like a first class jerk.Minnesota should try to bring back Glenn Mason.

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That is quite a letter right there.

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barker is a heck of a writer, from all ive heard jerry kill is a good guy, but if these are substaniated, then wow

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They never should've fired Glenn Mason...

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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well that was certainly an interesting read

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It's weird that coaches just started abusing players...
or they have more mediums on which to reveal their displeasure.

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"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

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I am not sure I buy this story.  I am sure there are some parts that are true.  I am betting that Kill said some things he regrets, etc... but I am not quite ready to get out the pitchforks just yet.  

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I don't see why he would come out and lie like that especially since he quoted things that happened in front of the whole team.

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Plenty of it sounds plausible.  As they say there are usually three sides to a story: your side, my side, and the truth.

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All of this maybe true, but can't see this helping him get a scholarship elsewhere. I guess he is trying to prevent Kill from blacklisting him. If it were me, I would have waited until I was at the new school. 

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Go AJ!!

-The Aristocrats!

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Sounds like an intelligent kid. If this is true (and at the moment I'm inclinded to believe it is) I hope he gets to play somewhere else.

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Obviously there is no excuse for Jerry Kill demeaning a player on a personal level and the only people that know what was really said were the people that heard it, but this is a fishy story. Lets be honest, it took this kid 3+ weeks to realize he had a high ankle sprain? its one of the most common injuries in sports and an injury id guess nearly 90% of collegiate football players have suffered through at some point. Also, why not get the MRI to begin with even if you think its minor? Every small college Ive been associated with, let alone a D1 Big Ten school, will pay for and take care of the paperwork for an MRI to an athlete. Also I know first hand, trainers are paid to get players healthy. Thats their entire job, so why would they not want the best for a player? He should follow their directions for rehab to the T and consult them if outside treatment is acceptable. If after all these things his ankle still wasnt better then Jerry Kill would have no reason to confront him. Its because he "did his own thing" that Kill obviously felt the need to approach him. Either way it sounds like both people were in the wrong, albeit Kill obviously should have handled it better.

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This story is most definately true as Mpls. news channels have all picked up and meantioned the story today.




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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  Yes Zofinda, if you read the letter, it took him "that long" (being 2 weeks, not 3+ weeks as you stated), because no one (from the training staff) told him he had a high ankle sprain.  Then he had to go do his own research (after he tweaked it again, and couldn't finish practices), to find out what was going on.  After all, how in the hell is one supposed to know he/she has an injury without any experience?  What.. thought osmosis?  Telepathy?  You think he's friggin' House?  If the training staff that he is trusting (at first, at least) is telling him it's no big deal, then why the heck would he question it, at that time?  Just because it is an ankle injury, doesn't mean it is always a H.A.S.. 
After that he told the training staff he thought he had a high ankle sprain, at which time the staff confirmed they knew, but didn't want to tell him, presumably because they did not "think it was that bad".  This is why they did not encourage him to get the MRI at first.  Well.. they were wrong.  And when he DID finally get the MRI, which according to his account, took some amount of persuading to the trainers, it showed as much. If Barker had not "done his own thing", as you suggest, then he would have kept pressing, and likely been injured even worse.  Did you not read the damned letter? He couldn't even run!
  Forget all the other allegations in the letter; if the story surrounding the injury alone is true, then JK and the staff involved are TRASH. This kid said he was working hard to rehab, if you read the letter, Zofinda, and it doesn't seem like you did.  The staff tried to tell him he SHOULD be back in a week.  And then when he tried his hardest to do so (and was unable), he got admonished harshly.  In front of the team, as well. 
  If this kid were some Terell Owens-type, I might doubt his recollection.  But the given eloquence of his letter, and the fact he is a walk-on who accounted for 25% of Minni's offense so far this year, in 7 games, tells me differently. 

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fyi, a differing opinion is kind of a silly reason for repeatedly accusing someone of not reading the letter. 
also, here's an opinion of mine: yes, he's eloquent in the manner which he presents himself. However, I don't think this makes the story any more or less legitimate.

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Well, Jozy, if one is erroneously citing the contents of the letter in order to portray an opinion, then it is logical to believe the possibility of "not reading" the letter. But thanks for not reading my post in it's entirety. Lol...

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Barker's story is just that: his version of the events. There are two sides to every story. I am not saying that Barker is wrong, inaccurate, or exaggerating. I am saying that Jerry Kill, I'm sure, has a different point of view specific to these allegations. The interesting thing to me in these cases (i.e. Jerry Kill, Mike Leach) is that there are roughly 100 kids on these teams, and if Kill and Leach are the monsters that Barker, Adam James and Marquess Wilson say they are then why aren't more kids saying so? I'm sure that Jerry Kill isn't quite the "all around great guy" the media has portrayed him to, and I'd also be surprised if Kill was the POS that Barker has portrayed him to be. The truth, like in most instances, probably lies somewhere in between...

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He sounds kinda sour...not sure how to take his story. He almost comes across a a bitchy, whining child. Man up or leave, he choose to leave, let dead dogs lie, don't throw dirt around. Then everything becomes a mess and he sounds a little full of himself. 

Wherever you are, there you be!

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Apologies, 2+ weeks not 3. Regardless, my opinion is still that the situation is fishy. An ankle sprain isnt a mysterious ailment requiring the expertise of House like you mentioned, or something you have to Google or look up on WebMD, at least thats my opinion. Again, perhaps the training staff was in the wrong but to me this is the equivalent of showing up for wor kwith a runny nose, cough and a congested headache and saying "man I cant figure out what is wrong with me." Then ignoring the advice of your boss to see a doctor because youre hope is that it isnt something serious. 2 weeks later when youre still sick, then you decide to do your own research and diagnose yourself with a cold. Then blame your boss because hes upset you didnt follow the proper procedure for the situation (as in the proper procedure for injured athletes at a D1 program)   Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the situation.

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C'mon now, a H.A.S. is the equivalent of not being able to figure out one has a cold?
Furthermore, you are still twisting Barker's story to fit your view. But once again, he didn't "ignore" the advice of the training staff; he did his rehab and then even more on his own, just to get back to playing! Unfortunately, when he planted during warmups, he heard a "pop", that turned out to be torn ligament.
He didn't ignore anyone's advice from the training staff; the trainers were the ones that told him it wasn't "a big deal", to begin with.  Then, after the second aggravation of the injury, they STILL had to be pressed just to get him an MRI.  All the while they never told him he had a high ankle sprain, until he pressed them for the MRI. And ONLY THEN, did they admit they knew this the whole time.
What part of the underlined do you not get?  Does that not compute with you, or others in this thread?  I mean, I get that I am talking to mostly meathead/couch-potato types, here, but ANYONE should be able to follow the logic.
Some of the "holier than thou" bullshit in this thread is amazing.  Note to some of you, who (certainly come off as someone that) has never played a sport:
You can't just "shake off" a bad injury within a week or two, no matter what "exercises" your trainers give you.  High ankle sprains come in so many varieties, and from the way Barker describes things, his was pretty bad.  The training staff initially ignored his communication of his pain level.  For me, this speaks of some kind of ass-backwards mentality where the coaches/staff just expects a player to play through anything, because he is expendable. 
And for some in here who (probably didn't) read the letter, do so again.  Let this sink into your skulls: The kid is a walk-on who is/was the heart of their offense, and had worked extremely hard to get to where he was at. All this, without any hope of a scholarship, because Coach Jackass Kill gave it to the kicker, instead. 
One more thing, I have played sports, and continue to do so recreationally (at a decent level, I might add), on a consistent basis.  I've tried to play through a bad knee injury, to my detriment.  Like Barker, I just couldn't do it physically, and also like Barker, I made it worse by trying to play through it.  In fact, I had to have microfracture (which failed) and then a less traumatic procedure to get back into sports.  So I can empathize with Barker. What I can't fathom, is having some over-bearing (*&k-all coach berate me for something I have no control over (taking into consideration I would be doing the rehab as given), nor can I imagine having a training staff I trust lie to me.   

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Sounds like Coach Jerry sure is Killing it @ Minnesota...

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Im not going to enter in an argument about this, this will be last statement on the thread. but Id just like to mention if the couch potato/meat head reference was aimed toward me Ill have to disagree. Ill just say I am in a position to fully understand the scenario we are discussing.  Again, I am not saying Kill was in the right, I dont believe I ever even mentioned that. The only thing I commented on was how hard it was for me to believe the kid didnt know he had an ankle sprain and maybe the training staff felt the same way, simply believing it was common knowledge. I will agree that as professionals they should never assume a player knows whats best for himself and always provide insight. I will also agree that a "H.A.S." can be a very nagging and serious injury even though it is fairly common. Anyway theres no sense in in aruging further, I will admit I have a hard time transmitting my mental argument into words through a keyboard succesfully lol.

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I get you Zofinda, and I am sorry for coming off so strong.  My fault there.
I guess I am hung up on the fact that the staff tried to rush him back and that they did not tell him the full truth about his injury.  I am even more appalled by "their" (including JKill's) treatment, after he made it clear he just couldn't physically "do it", even after rehab. 
Like I said before, if he were some diva, even coming out of HS, then I would have my doubts.  But a walk-on? Who worked his ass off to become the star of the team, and kept it up this year despite knowing that he would not garner a scholarship? 
Just speaking for myself: If I were in his position, and did all the rehab and then some -and he did end up adding things to his rehab to further his progress, such as acupuncture- and got railroaded by the training staff (with respect to honesty), and the head coach (in front of the team), I would leave, as well.  To be sure, I do not think I would have written a long online letter, but I would have written something (much more brief). 
What is also getting me, is that many fans, Minni and other CF fans, are just hammering him on other boards, without seemingly even perusing the letter.  They are twisting facts or outright fabricating them, to make Barker come off as a "whiny pu$$y", so-to-speak.  It's disgusting.  Barker may be a bit too emotional with his writing, but I believe he knew the instant he posted it, that he would be berated by many. 
It takes guts to write what he did, based on that knowledge.  And for the record, I would love to have him in C-bus, trying out for the team.