Loving and Williams Sign NLOIs to Play for Matta

By Chris Lauderback on November 14, 2012 at 2:47p

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I guess we can officially welcome Marc and Kam to Buckeye Nation.  Welcome!

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Sweet.  Glad to have them both.  Now we just need to get a big man for the class (Loving seems more like a wing) and we should be in decent shape.

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AWESOME!! Great news! Welcome to Loving and Williams!

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Unfortunately, it's been a rough road for Thad on the recruiting trail lately. He lost out on Vonleh to Indiana and Hayes to Wisconsin over the weekend.

Baptist summed it all up quite nicely the other day: http://buckeyextra.dispatch.com/content/blogs/hoops-and-scoops/2012/11/1...


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What is Crean doing still recruiting? Isn't he already over the limit for next year assuming Zeller goes pro?

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I'm personally not upset about losing Hayes...thought he was undersized and not a great fit for our system....losing Vonleh to IU is a bummer...I am not worried about that one bit though...he brought in a great class last year in the current sophs, this year it was just Della Valle but we didn't think we'd have Sibert/Witherspoon schollies open and no need to reach on a recruit just to have more, and so far has Loving and Williams for 2013.

We lose Ravenel next year and say we lose DeShaun too...that gives us the same number of players we have this year (Loving and Williams come in) with two open spots....I think we fill at least one of those, but even if we don't you're still looking at:

C: Amir Williams (Jr), Trey McDonald (Jr)

F: LaQuinton Ross (Jr), Marc Loving (Fr), [Lorbach (Jr)]

F: Sam Thompson (Jr)

G: Lenzelle Smith Jr. (Sr), Amedeo Della Valle (So), Kam Williams (Fr), [Rogers (Sr)]

G: Aaron Craft (Sr), Shannon Scott (Jr), [Goldstein (RJr)]

I think the above isn't a Final Four team, but you can't be that every year. They certainly would be in the top 4 of the conference pending everyone improves and if you add another  good player or two to the mix you have yourself a very nice roster full of veterans who know how to win.

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Agree with that right now but that mix could develop quickly into a final four team especially if Williams and Ross come on strong this year

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I get that the raw numbers mean we don't need to bring in anyone else this season but on the other hand... I would prefer to get someone in the system early and ready to go. 
IMHO, we are going to struggle along the boards all year this year.  Part of that will be that we are relying on 2 sophomores and a transfer at center.  If we fail to bring in a big man in this recruiting class we will be right back in that same position in two years when Williams and McDonald are gone.  I don't want to bring in someone that does not have Big Ten talent but on the other hand it pays to have someone ready to step in.  It would be nice to spread out our class distibution (Freshman, Juniors, etc) some to get some continuity.
Semi-off topic:I feel a bit guilty about talking about the things we dont have in a thread welcoming our new guys.

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As I've said before on 11W, I'm surprised at best and really worried at worst by Matta's lack of success the last 2 cycles. You follow up 3 B1G titles, 3 legit top 5 national teams, and a Final 4 run with the two worst recruiting years of your tenure, without even being able to get most of the offers to even step foot on campus?  I fully realize that the previous sentence says we're spoiled, and Matta has basically had nothing but success, but it's troubling for the future. This year's team and maybe the next one will be good, but Matta is having real trouble out there on the trail, and that's pretty much a fact. For as good as this staff is, not even gaining much interest from top prospects after all that sustained success previously, has got me wondering what is missing. 

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@Bobcat which two last cycles?
You're saying 2011 (Thompson/Scott/Williams/Ross/McDonald) was a bad class, or are you calling that on 2013 well before it's over?

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Loving and Williams are studs. OSU doesn't have as much room in this class, so Matta can't really go after as many guys, besides I'd rather OSU not reach and just save the scholly. I'd rather have our situation than Indiana's where they've essentially oversigned by something like 3 players.