Lesmerises Talks to AP Voters

By Jason Priestas on November 19, 2012 at 9:28a

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I've seen three Ohio State games, so I feel good about my vote.

-Josh Kendall
Oh, well, my mistake!  If you've seen a whole three games, you surely are the expert! #dontcallmeshirley

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

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Yeah... that Wofford win that South Carolina has is so impressive...

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Not a single "good" team from the SEC even played an FBS opponent this week (except LSU, who snuck by Ole Miss).

FACT: Aside from Missouri (who lost to Syracuse), every OOC opponent for the SEC this week was an FCS program.

  • Alabama beat Western Carolina
  • Florida beat Jacksonville State
  • South Carolina beat Wofford
  • Georgia beat Georgia Southern
  • Texas A&M beat Sam Houston State

Hell, even the bad teams played FCS teams:

  • Kentucky beat Samford
  • Auburn beat Alabama A&M

Power conference indeed.

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Keep in mind that shit like this is why Vanderbilt had to back out of the game here next year: so they can play a conference game before labor day and hold those november saturdays open for the Charleston Southerns of the world. 
The SEC has figured it out.  Why play meaningful games in November when they can just let the poll voters do all the work for them?

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Reasons that the traditional media is fading into obscurity
1) Writers claim they have no bias, but the fact is that all perspectives are clouded by our personal biases, whether we are aware of them or not. 
2) Saying that there is no scenario in which OSU wins the AP title is just silly.  What if Notre Dame plays Alabama, or alternatively, Georgia or Florida, and loses decisively?  The statement is on its face an expression of bias, no matter how small or insignificant a bias, it is a prejudging of future events.

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Josh Kendall has the Buckeyes ranked below one-loss Clemson, and it's very possible the best team Clemson has beaten all season is Ball State. So his "strength of schedule" nonsense sounds like justification for doing what he wanted to do.

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