The Torg is Lawyering Up

October 24, 2012 at 9:40p    by Jason Priestas    
"I do have Counsel and unless something changes I will file suit. My Counsel feels we have a very strong case so I will not comment." (


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This may get very ugly real quickly for both sides.

It's true... We really are a bunch of nuts!
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Doubtful. What's a years salary (or say 6 months) cost for this guy? Not much I'll wager. My guess is if necessary the station will pay him some form of severance, Torg's attorney will take his cut right off of the top, and that will be the last we ever hear of The Torg.
[For the record: I think Torg and Riccordadi together are funny and I was a fairly regular listener of the show. I think Torg has gone too far several times (not just this once), but I'm not sure I agree with him being fired.]

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Don't think it will get uglier for this guy...seems to be at rock bottom as it is. My guess is the radio station will give him some kind of settlement. Otherwise, they will be losing A LOT of money, even if just on lawyer fees to defend themselves.

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Good. Let him live!

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He will lose if they don't settle.


He's probably going to involve Herbstreit so I definitely see an out of court settlement to make this go away with him finding employment elsewhere..


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Didn't Hooley get a settlement or am I making that up from bad memory?
The Fan has seemingly railroaded 2 hosts in about a year. Not a good track record. inb4 a tr00 insider says neither was fired for their "one incident" etc.

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Hooley did get a settlement. I don't recall the duration, though. 

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This guy is an idiot. He deserves what he got. Considering he worked for an ESPN affiliate and made a comment about an ESPN employee that he wish he was dead, I ask you this:
What would happen to you, say you worked at Kroger, and you tweeted that you wished a co-worker or your boss would just you think you would have a job?
This whole excuse, "oh, he's a shock jock...that's what he does," is pure BS.
You think he would learn that tweeting can get you in was just 2 weeks ago that we suspeneded our QB for making dumb comments...lesson learned.

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Suspended, not kicked off the team.
I bet if there was enough pressure from somewhere on high, Cardale would be gone as well. All it takes is the wrong group or person to be on your wrong side. I'm not saying Herbie is the reason Torg was fired. I just think it was from somewhere on high.

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There's a difference between saying "I don't like school" and "I wish that guy was dead."

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Because we all know he actually wanted him dead. :/

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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This is a tough one. I've never once heard the show so I have no idea if I like what he does. I did think what he did was very dumb & I said as much on here when it happened.
I'm sure people will feel many different ways about this, but for the guy to lose his job --it doesn't seem like an offense that required that kind of action. It was dumb as hell - yes - but he apologized, was suspended, & that would seem to have been all the action needed.

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It was a nice change up from ESPNs syndicated slate of programs that either take themselves way too seriously, have the douchiest hosts ever, or are watered down family friendly crap. I wasn't the biggest fan of Common Man & the Torg, but I was more entertained by their show than pretty much all the others on that station, in that it was just like having two slightly well informed drunk guys sit at a bar and talk sports. It was much more light hearted and low brow but I wouldn't call them shock jocks really. It was nice that they really didn't take themselves very seriously. That's where I feel like the tweet, while stupid, was kind of in line with the persona. Some people have tried to liken this to other working environments, however it's not apples to apples because these guys are getting paid to be a public persona. Even at other jobs I don't think it would be automatic necessarily that this would call for a firing, really just depending on your boss. It's not as if he and Howard knew each other and worked side by side every day like some are inferring with their apples to oranges parables. I feel like this was just a joke put in a poor choice of words that he clearly should've gotten in trouble for...but maybe a firing was a bit much. They've said and done far more offensive things and the only reason this has lead to a firing is because it was escalated into national media by a few people. Otherwise this would be a nonstory. He would've given a private and public apology and been suspended with docked pay significantly enough to make him think the next time he opens his mouth/twitter feed.

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Yeah, they've done fake Joe Paterno a couple of times since he died.  IMHO, that's a lot more inappropriate than tweeting something reprehensible

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I agree.  It was a nice change of pace to listen to Common Man & the Torg on TuneIn Radio online as I live in possibly one of the worst sports radio markets in the country.  The personalities in Milwaukee are atrocious and I can't even listen for more than a few minutes, with the exception of Uecker and he just does Brewer games.  Of course the tweet from Torg was in poor taste, but I don't believe he wished death on Howard and I feel he should have received a lenghthy suspension, but firing him seemed somewhat excessive.  The Fan seems to have a problem holding on to radio personalities anyway over the last few years (Hooley, Benz,....).

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When I see a man with a family lose his job over some stupid act like this it makes me ill. He mentioned how it was "beyond tough" for his wife. Anyone that's ever listened to their show knows off the wall comments was what he did, he was a sports comedian. He never meant any actual harm to anyone. If you have the ability to feel those type of things, the guy had a big heart. He is kind of like a big kid. I know many just like him. They have made a lot of mistakes too. I spent a lot of my working life in the position to hire and fire people. To fire someone, all of these criteria were looked at. Never, ever did I take into consideration someones opinion, that centered on their own personal moral compass, that was outside the issue or was a "big feeler" that had their own agenda. Always tried to put myself in their shoes and feel what they felt. Some didn't give a shit and lost their job but some were destroyed by their mistake. I know I wouldn't want it on my conscience that I couldn't handle some words a comedian threw my way and a man with a family that lost his job because of it. Everyone has a differing opinion here and it's understood. It makes you feel for the situation much, much more when you've looked into the eyes of a Torg at that moment. Sorry I'll step down off the soap box now, just had to vent a little.

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Poor choice of words, but people need to lighten up.  Why can't the media and a sick sense of humor co-exist?  I would estimate that thousands of Buckeye fans have said terrible things (myself included) and I can guarantee a lot of them came out of our mouths when Desmond struck the pose.  Does any rational person really wish harm upon a college athlete or analyst?  NO!!!!  Unless it's Mark May. 

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It can't exist because sponsors that pay for advertisements don't have a sense of humor. Besides, that's what blogs are for. And Comedy Central if they actually had something original and funny on there.

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Obviously 97.1 has to pay the bills, but Torg's firing (I highly doubt) is the result of pressure from corporate sponsors.  How many Columbus-based companies (who make up the majority of the sponsors on the Fan) do you think would have pulled out if Torg were suspended and reinstated later?  Not saying that some corporate pressure wasn't inevitable if he wasn't fired, but this move was political.  Torg should be reprimanded, I wasn't saying that he shouldn't be, but losing his job seems like the station kowtowing to Herbstreit.  Unfortunately, I agree with the others on here that Torg doesn't have much of a case and will be lucky to get any kind of settlement.  I hope he lands on his feet. 

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From what I understand, the Fan has suspended him before for saying stupid stuff, and this was just the proverbial straw. While it sucks that he lost his job and has a wife and kids at home, maybe he should have thought about this before, seeing that he has been previously warned about his conduct.

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He doesn't have a case. However, I'm sure his lawyer can advise him of his non-compete clause and whether or not he'll be able to work in C-bus for the next 5-10yrs.

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On his website, he said he had a 1 year non-compete in Columbus.

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He has carved out a niche in the Columbus market of saying things like this -- trying to be all edgy in saying things that will offend or shock.  (At least some of the time.  He overdid it at times, but overall he was listenable.)  He had been permitted to say these things without reprehension, so I think his comfort level might have gotten a little too high and he might have mistakenly assessed where he stood in the greater scheme of things.  Or underestimated how devious Herbstreit could be.  At the end of the day this is a Twitter comment from a guy who makes jokes for a living.  He shouldn't have trashed Howard in the way that he did, mostly because of the mutual affiliation with ESPN, but the level of offense is disportionate to the penalty.  This was definitely a corporate level decision because this definitely did not affect his audience's perception of him.  No one who has ever heard the guy's schtick would take a comment like that from him seriously.  Herbstreit knows his schtick but decided to get all morally outraged anyway.  Not a very cool way to exact revenge in my opinion. 

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The best case scenario is a severance package and maybe the noncompete to be waived.  He's not getting his job back.
I know I'm going to sound like a broken record on this subject, but here goes.  Torg shouldn't have said what he did.  Of course it was in jest, but still dumb.  My problem is with Herbie being a big gaping vagina about this.  he did not need to meddle in it, and more importantly shouldn't have said anything on his show.  This is the same thing Frosted Tips did with TP and got into a pissing match with a college athlete.  I'm seriously questioning his maturity level and manhood.  What a queef.

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Let me just say that Herbie and I are friends. We've worked together at ESPN and College Game Day and, even though he played like he was Michigan's 12th man on the field, we are still friends. People like Doc who make references to sexual organs and sounds emitted by said organs are what's wrong not just with this country but with the entire universe. Okay, maybe not the entire universe because dark matter and black holes may be worse than a personal opinion, but still his comments are over the top and Doc should have his helmet stickers stripped from his imaginary helmet and given to Herbie, who can then place them next to his imaginary Gold Pants.

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herbstreit should go on the radio and complain about his post.

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I don't have a dog in this fight but would like to know if Herbstreit did actually "throw his weight around" and demand Torg be fired. Has that been officially confirmed and admitted to by him or is it just what everyone thinks happened? Sorry if I missed something obvious somewhere that spells this out but I'm very curious about this and haven't seen that explicitly mentioned anywhere yet.

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There is no confirmation that this is how it all played out.  I seriously doubt that Herbstreit contributed to any kind of executive decision regarding Torg's fate.  I don't think he had to.   He brought national attention to the comments and provided an unfavorable interpretation.  It was a dumb statement that Torg makes all the time and gets away with because no one really pays attention to him and everyone knows he's just trying to be funny -- even though he usually fails.  Herbstreit knows that and decided he was sick of it and ranted about it, drawing national attention which generated a backlash that the Fan brass didn't want to deal with.  Torg shouldn't have said what said, Herbstreit didn't have to act like Torg was making threats on Howard's life.  Plenty of blame to go around.  At the end of the day, the Common Man walks alone.   

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OK Lad, Ill admit me calling Herbstiet a gaping vag wasn't the most mature response I have ever made.  But, until he stops acting like one I'll stand by my statement.  Kirk, with his national media pull, taking on the local radio guy and getting him fired(this may or may not be what happened, but perception is reality a lot of the time) is like school in summer.  Grow up Frosted Tips!

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I was only spoofing Herbie's comments on 97.1 concerning the tweet. You may call him whatever you wish.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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There was a better way to handle things than to go on the radio and say what Herbie said. If he had that much of a problem, a gut wrenching problem with what Torg had done, simply catch him at the radio station, pull him aside and tell him discreetly that it was an unacceptable tweet. Swear at him, belittle him, whatever, but face to face. That't what gets me.

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Agreed, also, someone of his station and import should have been able to read the tea leaves regarding what a national-type censuring would do to Torg -- when he knew full well that the comment out of Torg, while bad, was perfectly in keeping with his radio persona and completely harmless.  While I think objectivity is essential to his job and homerism competely undercuts that, he didn't have to bring it to the attention of the national media the way that he did.  It has vendetta written all over it.

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This whole thing reminds me of a bunch of high school kids. Torg is the guy who likes to talk about people behind their backs. Sportsbybrooks is the guy who likes causing drama so he goes around telling everyone what person A said about person B. Herbstreit is the tattle tale who runs to tell the principal about it. Howard's wife is the overprotective mother who throws a fit anytime their kid is picked on. Desmond is the popular jock who realizes that person A is so insignificant that he is not really worth his time, so he doesn't really care, but everyone around him blows it out of proportion. The radio station is the principal who gets tired of the drama so he gives person A detention, and then hears from the superintendent (ESPN) that detention is not enough, so now he has to suspend him.
All of the drama could have been avoided by:
-person A (Torg) not talking about person B (Howard) behind his back
-the drama lover (Sportsbybrooks) not trying to create drama
- the best friend tattletale (herbstreit) not getting involved
-the overprotective mom (Howard's wife) letting her son (Howard) deal with his own problems
-person B (Howard) talking to person A about it personally if he does have a problem with it or talking to the principal and/or superintendent, along with his mother and friend if he doesn't have a problem with it.
I don't miss high school!

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My opinion is that its just too bad that the Common Man is still on. I want to listen to sports during drive time, but with less anger.
Now I see pictures of Torg on the web, and I'm thinking - they did a lot of unfunny schtick about how ugly some women celebrities were. I always cringed at that, but dude, did you ever check out a mirror?
Also Torg thought he was a great reporter and would rant and rave about how bloggers didn't  know anything even when he was getting totally scooped by said bloggers.