Pro Combats are Coming to Ohio State Basketball

By Alex on October 25, 2012 at 10:44a

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Sigh....someone (Nike) had to go and ruin an awesome event.

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Why do you think they're ruining it? Did you see the MSU-UNC game last year? The picture from the article is from that game. They wore miliatary inspired camo-unis last year too.

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How so?  By making teams wear special uniforms for the game?  Come on now.

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I'd prefer it if only Army, Navy and Air Force did military unis...I just think it's cheesy for anyone else.

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I doubt the military members that will receive the jersey's after the game will think it's cheesy.

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um..i'll go the opposite of ruin on this one. I think it is a nice nod to the military forces and could end up looking pretty cool with our colors

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totally unrelated & a bit dated, but, anyone catch the video below on the same page --- pretty funny & easy on the eyes...


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I remember seeing this around the time of the Olympics. Pretty funny. She dances and then goes for the win. 

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Maybe if Storm Klein warmed up like that he could catch somebody.

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She's got a lot of nervous energy!

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Michigan State's looked really good last year. 

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I like them. This is a chance for military families to enjoy some major college basketball in a familiar environment. So, why not let the teams wear a special jersey to commemorate the families they are playing in front of?

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I am happy with any creativity schools show in uniforms as it has become increasingly important to recruits.  Kids like new stuff or swag as they would put it.

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If they keep them similar to the ones that North Carolina and Michigan State wore last year, I think these will look really cool.

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I clicked on the link thinking I would see a picture of our unis, but it's Nike so no dice. I just hope there will be some gray in them.