Quick Cals from UAB Game

By Alex on September 25, 2012 at 1:40p

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I was really hoping this would grow on me.  After 4 games, my interest I'd going south.  It's not climactic or intense enough.

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Have you participated in it?

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I think Quick Cals will be great if students consistently show up and are in their seats on time. For UAB last week even Block O was only half filled. It looks like the players love it - it's up to the fans to make it happen.

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My seats are A26 and I am noticing more and more that season ticket holders on both sides of the open end of the 'Shoe are arriving earlier I presume to watch and in some cases try to participate in Quick Cals. This thing might catch on...

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Participation is difficult from even a few sections away.  I'm not saying students feel the same way I do.  However, Judging from the empty seats satirday I'd sy it's not high on everyones list.

"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

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So you haven't. It's much different when you do it as a student.
In regards to your other point, the top rows are obviously not going to fill 23 minutes before gametime for UAB, the game itself was not a high priority for most. Miami was pretty packed for it, so was Cal. Nebraska (should be the loudest, most energized version) and UM will definitely fill up; Purdue should be good as well. Most college kids aren't done drinking by then.

I always upload the videos a few days after (usually Monday afternoon), so I'll be sure to get those games up there.
Edit: While I was taking the video, the entire south stands was doing it and several people in East A and B were as well, the first time I had noticed other people besides the south stands doing it. Being on the field, it's something else when the team does it->those guys are pumped up like crazy.

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I feel ya that from a students perspective it might be pretty cool.  My point is that its about 10 seconds long and it's hard for the rest of the stadium to get into it (which I realize is not the goal).  The Hive was much more energizing, climactic and something the entire stadium rallied around.  That's my only point.  But I'll reserve my full judgement until we stomp Nebraska under the lights!

"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

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I tend to agree with you. I am a student, and my OOC game seats were in the south stands close to Block-O. I think it's awesome how Urban Meyer has actively tried to involve the students in something. There isn't much that is shared between only the students and the team; even our alma mater is sung by everyone in the stadium, alumnus status or not. 
So I really appreciate his effort, but I'm just not all that excited by Quick Cals. Then again, I'm a grad student, and I am quite a bit older than the average Block-O member, so I can't say I speak for all of them. In fact, what they think is awesome and hilarious (like what we have been shouting after kickoffs), I find kind of immature. So who knows? Maybe it's going to stick around.

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Did the Hive leave with Tressel? If so, that is disappointing.

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I agree for the crowd as a whole I don't think this is something that is exciting.  You have to be close to it and participating in it for it to be engaging.  The hive was much cooler to watch.

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Still lame if you ask me. 

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I think it’s kind of lame and I'm a student.  It's anticlimactic if you ask me it starts out fine but after the whole hands up shout and jump around it gets slow and no one can see the hand movements.

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I like the concept, but it seems really hard to coordinate and build well enough to get anywhere.

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The participation was terrible this week, but then again the south stands were pretty empty at the time. The noon games started to get old.
but for the record...I dont participate either, just don't feel it

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It's gotten much more fluid over the weeks. The smoother it gets and the more student involvement there is, the hyper this will be.

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You know, when we were at St. John's on Monday getting filmed for a commercial, Brutus led the Block O students that were there in the Quick Cals. They have caught on and they should stay for quite some time.
Unrelated, but I got great seats going to UAB early. That should be enough motivation for showing up early.

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