Ohio State Football Tickets are Still Expensive

By Jason Priestas on September 24, 2012 at 10:50p
Buckeyes overtake Nebraska on secondary market with an average ticket price of $228. (tiqiq.com)

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Expect that number to continue to climb as Urban piles up the wins, thank God for HDTV.   

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Thank God student tix only cost $300 for the full home slate.

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Kinda surprised Nebraska prices dropped 10% after they ran up 76 points last week.

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That partially explains why Kirk Ferentz makes so much money.

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i'm really tired of going to early season games b/c i just can't rationalize paying around $300 a ticket for the nebraska or m*ch*gan game

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I use to think the same thing. I then looked at the minimum Buckeye club donation for a "chance" at season tickets plus the actual cost of the tickets. $$$$$$$$$$$$

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I'm thankful my FSU student tickets are FREE! They don't realize how lucky they are to get free tickets.

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Ughh I wish I could get tickets for Michigan or Nebraska but they're just too expensive. I completely spaced my student ticket window because I was on vacation and now I'm filled with regret!

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#25 (+8)    Miami    $121 (+5%)
I guess these numbers only factor in the tickets that get sold because looking at all the empty seats in their stadium ... there would be no way they could make the list.  Some of the HS stadiums get more fans here in TX.
I had found pretty good/cheap tickets (oK, a single ticket) to the Nebraska game, I was going to fly in, hit E2B + D2B + game and fly back home but I tore up my knee last week.  :'(  Now I'm just hoping to make Purdue with my 7 year old in 4 weeks.

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I bought (4) OSU/Nebraska tickets to take my wife and parents to that game.  That was over a month ago when the singles were still going for just over $100.  I think mine ran about $230 each because they were next to each other.  I'd hate to try to try to get adjacent seats now if the singles have more than doubled.

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I still remember being offered a grand each for my Texas tickets in 2005.  No, I didn't take it.  Sometimes I regret it and sometimes I don't.  I can still see Hamby juggling the ball, getting drilled, and dropping it.  That could have been a special season - that D was our best in a long time in my opinion.

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