New AP Poll Released

By Chris Lauderback on September 23, 2012 at 1:39p

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We moved up because Oklahoma and Clemson went down. We are starting to get to the point where the only thing that matters is wins and losses.

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Why in god's name did we move up? Did any of the voters watch the game?

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No. This just shows how ignorant voters really are. 

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We moved up because other teams are starting to get losses.

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I think Florida State should have passed up LSU for the third spot

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I think FSU should be #2.

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I was hoping Northwestern would crack the top 25 this week.  

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LSU not falling below FSU? You gotta be kidding me!

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Northwestern should be at least in the top 25.

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Sadly, if they're in the PAC12 or SEC, they are ranked around 15th.

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If they were in the SEC they would be top 5

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Mississippi State is 21st and they're 4-0. 

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One vote still for LSU at #1?   These polls are useless.  LSU should have been knocked down to about 10th if that's all the better they can do. 

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I think Florida is ranked way too low. They look good and have played a tough schedule so far.

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Timmons is better LOLZ

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Florida State is too low.
And I hate to say it, but either we're too high or college football is having a really bad year.

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Not a lot of dominant-looking teams in CFB this year, but I agree that based on performance so far, OSU way too high in the rankings.

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After the top 4-5, couldn't you put the next 12 or more teams in a hat and randomly select them for positions?!? We'll see if we belong in the top 20 on Saturday!  Go Bucks!!

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Agreed. Outside of the top 5 the rest could be switched around quite a bit.

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A win is a win but ...
I'm one of those that dislikes early season rankings and think that voters should do a better evaluating of how a team plays and vote approariately regardless of what their ranking was the year prior and base it on the performance of the current season.
If we had started the season unranked, would we be up to 12 based on our performance??
I also think it mostly works out in the end so I don't get too riled up by it.

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Exactly.  Just goes to show how much preseason rankings play a part in the end of the season rankings.  Too often the rankings just don't make enough sense.
Kansas State beats Oklahoma in Norman, which vaults them up and drops the Sooners down quite a bit.  KSU's win is supposed to be impressive, but it makes it "less so" when Oklahoma drops so far in the rankings.
OSU has beaten no one, has not been impressive, and yet they are ahead of some teams with much more impressive resumes already.  The time to start proving their worth starts this week.

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ND is number 10?  I think this is not only a down year for the B1G but for all of college football.
This year makes me glad I'm not a voter.

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Of the teams 1-13, which one do you think the Buckeyes would have the best chance at beating at this point in the season?  Outside of #$1-6, the rest of the teams seem pretty beatable, I'm just not sure which of these teams I'd be confident we could beat.  I think we'd even have a tough time with WV, no?

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