Pryor Still Loves Playing Michigan

By Ramzy Nasrallah on August 25, 2012 at 11:52p

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"The former Ohio State standout also threw a 39-yard TD to Juron Criner, who twisted back to haul in the underthrown ball over a defender."
Sounds familiar.

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It wasn't a great throw, but his 60 yard+ plus to Criner for a TD was perfect. He rolled out and hit Criner in stride. He looked very good last night.

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It sure wasn't an arm punt.  

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Often on the deep ball you SHOULD underthrow it slightly so the reciever can make an adjustment and haul it in. Underthrown is better than overthrown....see Braxton's overthrows to Posey that would have beaten M*CH*G*N.

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C'mon Terrelle.  Gotta root for him.  He's ours tats and BCS victories and all.  I just hope Oakland's coaching staff is creative enough to figure out what to do with him.

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Would love for him to take Palmer's job in Cali.  

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I'd like that too Saturday. This was a solid performance for sure..

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Hope he does well. I'm glad he's gone and all, but I think people were ultimately too harsh on him. I can't comprehend how people still got behind and rooted for Boom Herron even though he did the same thing and got busted AGAIN with Posey after the first tattoo incident. If anything Pryor did us a favor by taking off early otherwise we would've had people sniffing around even more trying to dig stuff up...and I'm sure there's thing they could've found with him. You can say what you want about the guy, prima donna and ego and all, but he was very competitive and passionate for the Ohio State football team. People seem to be forgiving Clarett left and right and he tried to single handedly take down the football program out of spite. Pryor just got caught with impermissible benefits like Clarett but didn't try to tear everything down...and then get caught with bulletproof vests and an arsenal of weapons. It'll be interesting to see if 10 years down the line people will be more or less forgiving since he didn't help win a nat'l title.

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While I agree with most of what you are saying, general rumor is that the only reason Posey and Herron got caught again is because Pryor started blabbing to the NCAA so he could get into the supplemental draft.  All rumors as far as I am concerned, but the timing was noticeable.

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Understandable and I can't say whether I believe it or not at this point...because it is what it is at this point...a rumor. The other side of the coin is, Herron and Posey were committing violations repeatedly (I believe the being overpaid for work thing happened after they were already suspended...I mean I know they got busted after, but I thought that all took place after they were already suspended) and everyone seemed to welcome them back with open arms...Herron more so anyway. I mean, even assuming Pryor did roll over, Clarett went straight to the press and just started making accusations until his credibility was even all lost. He later even admitted he just did it all out of spite. People still forgive the guy, yet somehow have a lot of venom toward Pryor.

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Now that I think about it, what would Pryor have to gain by rolling over on Posey and Herron anyway? I think I'd heard that rumor before and it hadn't made much sense to me. There's no motive. The NCAA doesn't regulate who is eligible for the supplemental draft, that's the it's not like it was a plea deal. The whole point of Pryor leaving was so that he wouldn't have to speak on the matter with investigators anymore.

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To be eligible for the supplemental draft, I believe he had to be ruled ineligible for the season. Perhaps he made the decision to go, but was just suspended at that point. The only way to become ineligible was to admit to more infractions--giving money to Posey for the charity thing. Maybe that was his motivation. If this is the case and Posey can forgive him, who am I to care?
He can be a stupid kid who did stupid, selfish things AND still be a Buckeye. Our passion for the game, our school and our team elevates these kids to a kind of status most of us will never experience. Should we expect more out of these kids? Do we deserve to?
Good Luck TP. I am still pissed at you, but I wish you well. You'll always be a Buckeye.

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He applied for the draft and had to be ruled ineligible and give reasonable evidence to the NFL that he had no other option than to enter the supplemental draft. That means it has to be after the regular draft took place and he cannot return to school and he's not just skipping a suspension. OSU and Pryor sat down and discussed it and both sides agreed to have Pryor not only suspended for his senior year but banned from the school for a certain period of time so that the NFL could see without a doubt returning to Ohio State was not an option...and on top of it Goodell threw in a 6 game suspension that really crushed his entire season last year. There is no making a plea deal with the NCAA anywhere in that. In fact the NCAA had no bearing on him going to the supplemental draft at all. It was all between Pryor, Ohio State and the NFL. The entire reason he went pro was so that he WOULDN'T be obligated to talk to the NCAA anymore and incriminate himself, his teammates and Ohio State any further.