The Villain Wins It

By Joe Beale on May 14, 2012 at 9:27p

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Suck it, Titus!

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Huh? They're kind of good friends.

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It was a joke on 741's part, playing off of a few things The Villian and The Shark have said about each other recently.

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he was 4pts 4rb 5tos (evan turnover) then in crunch time goes for 6 pts and played some good defense. Way to finish!!

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i really don't care about these early rounds. i have 29 favorite nba teams. i don't care if al qaeda wins the nba championship (provided that lebron has enough integrity to not play for al qaeda. if he does sign with al qaeda, i would then root against al qaeda; i would want the miami heat to win just to spite him.)


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I still think Doug Collins is stifling his growth with this short leash crap.  Didn't he pull similar crap with Jordan way back when?  Thad Matta let ET run free and he turned into the best player in college bball in the last few years.  He'll never be a First-Team talent in the NBA, but he has the skill set and presents the mismatch that can make him a consistent All-Star bench player.

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I pretty much agree with you.  Seems like guys like Lou Williams, Andre Igudolia, and Jrue Holiday have the green light to shots, but Evan is playing "way too careful."   The thing is, it looks to me like Turner get get his shot whenever he wants it.  Maybe he needs to gain Collins's trust? 
One other thing: his defense and rebounding is a BIG reason for Philly's success.