David Stern in Favor of a Two-and-Done Rule

April 27, 2012 at 12:26p    by Jason Priestas    


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This should be like baseball.  Either you can be drafted as a HS senior or you go to college, but if you choose college it's a 3 year commitment.

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There is no reason that LeBron or Kobe should have had to play in college, even for one year.

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I'd like to see the NBA use the NFL rules and not draft players until they've played three years of college basketball.

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see above comment.

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the fact is that these guys can still skip college a la Brandon Jennings by playing in Europe. If you think you're ready to skip college, go play there for a year or two against older players and see what you're made of.


either go pro, or be in college for 2 years.

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I think relatively few people are willing to go the Jennings route, because it's just the one-year wait now. If that becomes two years, my predicition is that more kids would skip school completely by going abroad, and it might even lead to a genuine rival league in the U.S.

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If someone is ready to play in the NBA after high school why not let them?  See Lebron or Kobe.  It makes no sense to me that we would force them to go play overseas if they don't want to go to college, but are ready to play in the NBA.

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I find it amazing the the NBA and NBPA are the ones who have to be on board and not the schools that get used as a farm system so the NBA doesn't have to create and pay for their own

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Agreed, but the baseball system of high school or three years somewhat eliminates this problem for basketball.  The ones who go will be committed and stay and the ones who go will either make it or end up in the D league (there by providing a more legite farm system).