Martin turns to the Dark Side

By Joe Beale on March 28, 2012 at 12:10a

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How is this a good move? It's not even a lateral move. Does it have anything to do with the report/admission that Martin paid players early in his coaching career?

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That was EXACTLY what I said last night, you would think he'd take a step up, not a minor step down. A friend of mine says he thinks something is about to go down at K-State and he may have just been turning tail and running.

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That and a HUGE pay raise.

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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There have been a lot of rumors swirling that the new AD John Currie and Frank had a whole bunch of clashes.  The rift had been rumored to be growing, but the suspension of Jamar Samuels prior to the game against Syracuse by the athletic department was the last straw.  Just a huge clash of personalities and one of them was going to leave.  Currie is a wiz at raising money for the school and athletic department, which is more important to a smallish BCS program with a relatively small fanbase than a basketball coach, especially since K-State has been mainly a football school since the late 80s.  It's a shame.  Many fans, including myself, are a bit peeved that this happened without any real candidates worth mentioning in line to replace Martin.  Currie needs a huge hire here or the fanbase will be in a total uproar.