Dohrmann's UCLA Piece is Out

February 29, 2012 at 11:22a    by Jason Priestas    


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"Gotcha Journalism" - good ol Georgey boy ... I'm sure Hooley is proud of him. I'm waiting for a bombshell about rigged raffles out in LA --- now that  would be mindblowing.

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Read it. Nothing but garbage. 

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I got bored and stopped reading after the second page.

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Even if he did write a hard hitting piece that was well researched would anyone here admit it?  Doubtful lol.

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Some people would. It's called intellectual honesty.

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You're right BT. It's not like he released a story that attempted to assassinate Jim Tressel's character. I'm not sure what our problem is.

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I would admit it. I like to be intellectually honest. The problem is, Dohrmann ran with a character assassination piece with essentially one anonoymous source. Every journalism school teaches that journalistic ethics call for at least three sources should they wish to remain anonymous, or one source that is willing to go on the record with his/her identity. Aside from that, if a single source comes forward that wishes to remain anonymous, then that unnamed source must provide some hard evidence or records or at least lead the journalist to another source willing to go on the record. These were the sorts of journalistic standards Woodward and Bernstein followed. They didn't rush to the WaPost to write an article based solely on Deep Throat's conversations. Deep Throat led them to other evidence and persons that would allow them to expose a scandal with solid facts. They never ran with the story until they verified what Deep Throat had told them. Dohrmann is a whore who wanted to help SI sell magazines (probably to get himself a bonus) on the basis of one anonymous source's words. I know, that's a strong statement. But his anonymous source has yet to come forward, despite the dust having been settled. Not to mention many of the accusations in the article were proved to be false.

I don't think Dohrmann has a bias against tOSU. I just think he's a profiteer masquerading as a journalist. I have no qualms with anyone who wants to make money. I have a problem with "second handers" who hide behind journalistic shield laws to make money at the expense of other peoples' reputations.

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Not even going to bother.  I have to thank Dohrmann for one thing.  After his hit piece on Tressel, he changed the way I read the news, everything from investigative journalism to a simple article about a local event.  The only way to obtain the facts nowadays is to collect as much information you can from different sources and form your own opinion about the truth.  The news media, like Congress, is broken (uh-oh, I'm bordering on being political). 

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I think that's always kind of been the challenge.  Haven't journalists always put their own spin and bias on a subject?  Now a days it's easier than ever to get as many different perspectives on a given topic as possible to form an educated opinion, althought I would guess that mostly like in years past people are going to believe it because it's in the paper(while they are still around), on the idiot box, or the internet.

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Yep, people don't have the time or patience or mental capacity to to form an educated opinion.  They'll get it from the first thing they read/see/hear.  The "journalists" know this, yet do nothing about it. They perpetuate society's ignorance by only reporting what they want us to know and believe.  Such a shame.  I'll stop being preachy.  I'm not writing anything that  hasn't been written a thousand times over on this site since the crap hit the fan last year.

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Read it.  Shocking, college athletes party!!!  Underclassmen sometimes don't pan out!!!  Pretty lame read IMHO.

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To be honest, when I first heard about this, I thought there were going to be actual recruiting violations in there. But all it really was just a bunch of incidents relating to drugs and alcohol. Probably after reading the piece on Tressel, I should have lowered my expectations to begin with. I will say this. Reeves Nelson was a bad egg on that team.

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Jim Tressel knew about UCLA last April.



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It all went so deep! Scandals!

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Why doesn't dohrmann investigate Notre Dame's football coach causing the death of a support staff member? If he wasn't biased he would.

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In all honesty, this might be what irritates me the most. Things like the stuff that happens at Notre Dame, WHERE A STUDENT DIES or A PLAYER DRIVES DRUNK MULTIPLE TIMES, yet nothing serious happens to them? Are you serious? So Ohio State players selling stuff they own deserves more sanctions than a program's negligent actions resulting in a death? Not to mention Michael Floyd committing multiple felonies which could have killed people, yet the NCAA does nothing...

Instead, Braxton Miller doesn't get to play in a bowl game his sophomore season and Michael Floyd gets to sign a multi-million dollar deal as an NFL first rounder. Makes a lot of sense...

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Dohrmann is a domer (and a d_ckhead) and would never dare investigate them. Funny how people, including some of our own, have inflated the seriousness of tOSU's violations, while ignoring death by negligence.

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Dude's a hack. He flings poo and doesn't bother to see what sticks. He thinks journalism is some type of voodoo. It's like being a weatherman (where being wrong merits a *shrug*) but instead of dual-doppler he relies on disgruntled stoners and what have ye. He can eat a bag of d..


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