Bob Knight Keeps it Real

By Jason Priestas on February 29, 2012 at 3:01p

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Wait, wait, wait.  Bob Knight is holding a grudge against a person or program because they had the audacity to respond to his verbal attacks?  I don't think we've ever seen or heard anything like this before out of Bob Knight.  This is really out of character.  What a clown.  I think he can be entertaining at times, but seriously get over yourself dude. 

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Maybe it's because they play in the weak-ass SEC and the last time they played a good team, they lost.

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C'mon, the SEC is bad, but look at some of their wins.  They beat UNC who is a very good team.  They beat Kansas pretty bad.  They destroyed Florida in a why that the Buckeyes couldn't do.  I don't like UK, but they are pretty damn good.  Their 6 man, Darius Miller, is as good if not better than Bufford who the Buckeyes are depending on to make a tournament run.  They may not win it all, but c'mon, putting Duke in his top 5 and not mentioning UK is a big middle finger to UK fans too, he knows how much they hate Duke.  Ya know Duke, the same team that 6 loss Ohio State destroyed.  The same team that has lost to Florida State, Temple, and Miami, FL.  Yeah those guys are in his top 5.

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BT- still a SEC apologist :)

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Not at all, I said their conference is terrible.  UK is really good though, if you people can't see that then well, they don't want to. 

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Pretty f'n lame if you ask me.

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Bob Knight is a boss. It's that simple.

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Once I heard that Coach Knight was best friends with Bo Schembechler, I became a fan for life, and I have never once regretted it.

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He's an idiot. Kentucky is far and away the best team in the country.

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Yes one of the best coaches in college basketball history is an idiot. Well stated! Every person is allowed to have their own opinion.

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It doesn't mean he's not an idiot.  He's immature, childish, petty, and just not a very nice guy.  Let's look at other guys he's shunned over the years because somehow they've supposedly wronged him.  Coach K, Steve Alford, he basically screwed over the whole IU undefeated team at their anniversary celebration by refusing  to come back.  He doesn't like UK why?  Because he ran his trap about Calipari being shady and Cal defended himself?  The audacity of some people.

No one is questioning his coaching ability, but there's no defending his behavior.  He's done great things for a lot of young men.  He's also thrown chairs on national TV, head butted players, and grabbed them by the throat.  Not to mention some of the ridiculous rants and fits he's thrown at reporters(dont' get me wrong, some were deserved I'm sure)

He's not alone in the club of guys who were great coaches but major A-holes. 

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I will say this though, it will be hilarious hearing the UK fans whine about not getting respect from ESPN because one guy won't give them the credit they deserve.  Then it will get kind of annoying because my facebook home page will be 1000 comments of UK fans proclaiming HATERS KEEP HATING GO BIG BLUE ugh. 

Maybe Bobby Knight will be their Mark May.

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Kentucky got hot too early AKA not the right time elite 8 for them!

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I think Bob holds a grudge against UK's coach and how he's left other programs and Bobby thinks Jonny is doing it dirty again, which he prolly is.

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I love coach Knight.

Greg Doyle on the otherhand I do not like.  He's from Cincy, I believe, which is part of KY. 

Dude hammered on Tress for months, then recently wrote this piece about the greatness of Calipari where he completely forgives the Camby and Rose cheating, blaming them on outsiders.





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I love it. He may be an a-hole and stubborn SOB, but his knowledge of basketball is incredible. I'd much rather listen to him than any of basketball announcer or analyst come to think of it. Plus, this sounds exactly like something I would do to stick it to someone I hated as well if only I had the power to.

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This isn't keeping it real. This is being stupid. I won't call Knight an idiot, but a lot of the time I believe his analysis (in situations exactly like this) should be ignored.

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Robert Montgomery Knight is a damn Buckeye, and as such is a baus. Period.

He just doesn't care who the hell he irritates, offends considers petulant in his eyes. Straight damn shooter who tells you like it is in his view. Sorry but in a world of not keeping score, soccer moms and everybody gets a ribbon, dudes like Bobby Knight help to balance out incessant parade of bullshit.

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Alright people. In the end who cares? It's one guy's opinion. Some of you calling out Bob Knight for this are the very ones that preach not to get upset over Mark May's ranting.

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Oh well. Outside of beating Florida, they haven't beaten anyone worth mentioning in conference. They deserve to be #1, but people need to stop acting as if the gap between them and everyone else is so large. It's irritating enough that this bs goes on with the Heat. :/

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i see a lot of similarities between UK 2012 and OSU 2011.... and a lot of similarities between OSU 2012 and UK 2011. 

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I hope they get the number 1 overall seed because the number 1 overall never wins it all.  I do think UK is really good, and quite honestly I think they are better than OSU 2011 version.  I don't, however, think they are better than 2010 UK who lost in the Elite 8.  I tell the UK fans this all the time, because I pretty much have to hear about how great t hey are every day.  They insist this is the best team Cal has ever had and maybe the best team UK or college basketball has ever had.  EVERY DAY I HEAR THIS CRAP.  I hope to they don't win it all because I don't want to hear about it every day unitl next season.  They are already talking about winning number 9 next year, like this year is a done deal.  If they play Kansas again, UNC, Michigan State, Syracuse and even Ohio State, they can be beat.  My worry is they'll end up a 1 seed and Duke will be the 2 and someone like Florida or Murray State will be the 3 and 4 in their bracket.

The thing about 2011 UK and 2012 Ohio State, t hough is that 2011 UK really started playing it's best basketball the last couple weeks of the season and the conference tournament. They struggled early on, and a lot on the road in conference, but the last 2 or 3 weeks of the season they were pretty darn good. They parlayed that into a hot streak and final four run.  They had great upperclassman to lead them.  It seems as though 2012 Buckeyes don't have much leadership and are playing the worst they've played all year.  They definitely have the talent and athletes to make a run and I wouldn't be shocked to see them in the final four, but I wouldn't be shocked if they had a 2nd round exit either. 

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Unlike Ohio State last year, I guarantee if UK gets the #1 overall seed, they'll have a cup cake bracket.

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They might, but does history suggest it for the number 1 overall seed?  I can remember the first year they had such a think UK was the number 1 overall seed and lost to UAB who was a 9 seed I think.  After that game all anyone talked about around these parts(I'm in Kentucy and surrounded by these folks) was how crazy hard the bracket was and that yes they lost to a 9 seed but it was a really deep team that they knew would pose problems.  They may end up with that"cupcake" bracket.  Or they end up with UNC as the 2 and Ohio State as the 3 because of how the "pod" works out. 

I went to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 in Indy a couple of years ago when Louisville was the number 1 overall seed 3 of the 4 teams in that regional where Louisville, Kansas, and Michigan State.  Michigan State ended up in the national title game that year. 

So I think, because of the teams that are going to be in the same regional "pod" that if a Number 1 overall consists of a team with close proximity to Kentucky or Columbus, there's a greater chance of getting the best number 2 seed, and the best 3, or 4 etc.  If we were talking about a west coast team being a top seed overall, it's likey that they'd get a lower 2 seed in their bracket. 

Truth be told the ideal bracket to get into, would be the team who gets that west number 1.  There are no good teams out there to take advantage of the pod.  So the number 4, "1" seed and all the lower rated other seeds will be sent out there.

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I don't think the selection committee is really looking to give UK and easy road and screwing Syracuse or Kansas over. So UK can win the title.