Stoops Interested in Nebraska

By Alex on December 6, 2011 at 3:30p

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There's scuttlebutt an SEC team is interested in his services too and are asking him to "name a figure." Ugh.

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I think he will end up at tOSU. OSU turns out many successful head coaches and Stoops will want to learn under Meyer. It just seems a big win-win for Stoops. $.02

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What about Eric Mangini? Yes, I am being serious. With Urban's ties to Belichick, he's got to be familiar with Manginious. You gotta think he's in the price range. He can't be making too much money at ESPN.

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Not sure why you would think Mangini would want to coach college...

Sounds like that one time when Bill Martin was, for some unknown reason, convinced that Tony Dungy would jump at the chance to coach at Michigan.

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I think he fits the criteria. Not sure if he could recruit or not, but he has serious Ohio ties with the Shapiro family and above everything "he can coach" which is Urban's main criteria. I don't see him getting another NFL gig any time soon so why not. Greg Mattison made the jump back and forth so why not Manginious. Plus, with his gigs in NY and Cleveland not going so well, he could use some resume building.

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Red herring... ties to the Browns does not mean he is in any way interested in coaching college football.

Mattison was a college coach for 30 years before a 2 year stint in the pros.  He was always a college coach, so targeting him in a college coaching search made sense. 

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NFL guys worry me bc the college game has so much variation in schemes both offensively and defensively.  An NFL DC faces the same thing week in and week out, they get far more involved in player on player matchups whereas I think in college you have to be able to be more flexible.

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I really thought this Asst. Coach search would have been done by now, It seems everyone we were interested in has balked or re-signed.  Was Urb just floating offers to his buddies to make sure their schools were paying them enough?



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I'm fine with Stoops gonig somewhere else- I've seen too much of him being a Jackass on the sidelines to ever be really comfortable with him.


Studrawa is the one I really wanted on the staff though.. Has anyone confirmed him signing an extension at LSU?

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I'm curious, what do you know about Stud?  I was trying to find some videos of Bowling Green from 03-06 when he was OC there just to see what he did while he was there...I wasn't able find anything quickly.

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Quick Bio:


To shortly summarize my thoughts on Coach Stud: Ohio guy from Fostoria.  As an OC, he has a track record of top tier numbers. His man philosophy is to attack opposing teams, to never be "passive" on offense. (Anti-Bollman anyone?) Stud once said, "We want to attack people. Takes shots and, at the same time, be physical and run the football.”

He's a great Offensive Line coach/ strict disciplinarian.  (Anyone else tired of false starts?) Also extremely vocal/loud at practices. 

A funny anecdote: When Studrawa got promoted to OC this yeat at LSU, Les Miles commented that he always needs to keep Stud's mic on a low volume level in the booth, because he gets so loud during the games.  Miles joked that Stud didn't even need a microphone. 



If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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Thanks, I remember first reading about him in late August when Kragthorpe had to take time off...had no idea we'd be here discussing whether he'd be coming to OSU. 

I'd really like to see some highlights from his BG days.  I feel like what LSU does offensively is not indicative of whoever holds the position of OC there.  Crowton said earlier this season that Miles doesn't want an offensive that takes risks, just leave it up to defense and special teams.  It seemed that Crowton was hemmed-in by Miles, and I wonder how different their offense would look if Stud or even Kragthorpe had total control...?!  Both Stud and Krag are spread guys. 

Anyway, with Urban we're in safe hands to get a good OC that will spread the field to run with power.  Hallelujah. 

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Going to be interesting to see who Urban does end up getting & the price tag involved. Gene Smith can say "We'll make whatever resources available to let Urban get anyone he wants," but I'll believe that when I see it.

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I think Urban is gonna get added to a lot of assistant coaches Christmas card lists this year. He has single handedly pushed a half dozen guys into the top 1% of wage earners in the US this week alone. #OCCUPYTHESHOE

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Can Urban forget about Stoops and just hire Chuck Heater? Heater's 2011 Temple D has allowed 3rd fewest points in the country. At TEMPLE. Let's give him OSU talent and see what magic happens.

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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I think the lure of being an assistnat coach at Ohio State right now has to be the attention one would get from the other schools.  If they take this job and do well it would almost warrant immediate attention for condsideration of a head coaching vacancy somewhere.  I would imagine that's what drives most of these guys, is to become a headcoach somewhere.  The offense almost has to improve, and I couldn't imagine doing any better on defense completely forgetting about this season.  All these rumors of recruits coming in has to be exciting for these potential coaches to think about.  I can't imagine that they think they can fail here.  But I do have concerns about coaches not being named.