Florida Opens as 1.5-point Favorites

By Jason Priestas on December 5, 2011 at 2:25p

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the JORT factor

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Oh I thought we'd be favored in this game. I haven't seen them play much and I know we are inconsistent, especially if some staff changes happen in December here. But man, I'm a homer and didn't even realize it. Being on here 50x a day every day should have been a hint...

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1.5 does sound about right, it's basically saying, "there are too many factors at work here and we have no idea so don't worry about the spread, just pick who you think will win".

I would guess if the game was played in Ohio, OSU would be the 1.5 favorite.

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I've watched Florida a few times this year. They seem to beat everyteam they're supposed too, and lose to teams that have a pulse or are pretty good. They have a good looking defense with a bunch of former 5 star athletes that fly around pretty well. Their offense is a joke, basically.

If we come out aggresive I.E. (Nebraska game plan) then we certainly have a chance to beat them.


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As a degenerate gambler myself, 1.5 points = PICKEM. Home team starts with -3, which means tOSU is actually getting 1.5.... I also agree with ARTBKWARD above.. 

Anyone else notice that there will be five BIG teams playing on January 2?

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Our chances to win hinge on three things:

1.  Offensive gameplan
2.  Improvement of Braxton Miller and the defense over bowl practices
3.  Health of the defense (if the guys that were hurt at the end of the year will be ready to play)

Five B1G teams played last year on New Year's Day.  They all lost.  Hopefully at least one of them can win this year! 

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I predict that the Big10 will go winless on New Year's Day. Any takers?

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I predict the B1G won't lose a game on New Year's Day.

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Cheers to that

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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What's the over in this game, 3?

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