Devin Smith to Run Track

By Jason Priestas on December 7, 2011 at 2:48p

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How are his times?  Anyone have HS marks?

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State Champion in the 100m dash... 10.74 seconds

State Champ in the long jump... 24' 7" (thats blew away the field)

Placed in high jump at 6' 6".

I didn't realize his jump marks were so impressive in addition to his 100m time. With a little more work, this kid could be a stud.



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Yeah, if he can sure up his hands, he'll be a big target for Braxton I'm sure.

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Damn! Just checked his regional results from last year: 10.56.

Overall, the range of his times would have been good enough to finish in the top 3-4 of the past four Florida 4A (large school) State Championships.


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PR's for Devin Smith per milesplit.

Personal Bests
100 Meter Dash
High Jump
Long Jump

That kind of speed and athleticism is unreal. If this kid gets stronger and more physical then watch out. 


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I'm thinking Marotti will help make him stronger.

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This kid has everything it takes to be one of the best wide recievers ever here.


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Just to put this in perspective, Devin Smith's best 100m time is a full .13 faster than Percy Harvin's best 100m time in high school (10.69) and his long jump is over A FULL FOOT longer (23'5" for Harvin, 24'7" for Smith). Damn!

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Why compare him to Harvin?

I'd compare him to Posey, similar size and both were track greats.

Smith is not as explosive on the football field as Percy, that's for sure.


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A comparison of Smith to Harvin is fair because they both ran track and have similar times. Just like a comparison to Posey, who also ran track, is fair. 

Given that Smith has only been utilized in a Bollman offense (and by utilized, I mean severly under-used) I do not think any judgements on Smith's explosiveness or potential are fair to him.

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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Harvin ran by everyone at Florida and is running by everyone in the NFL, I think its safe to say right now that Smith isn't quite as explosive as Percy Harvin right now..regardless what offense Smith played in.

If Smith ends up anything close to Percy Harvin than he'll be a helluva football player for us.


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I have no problem with you saying "Smith isn't quite as explosive as Percy Harvin right..regardless what offense Smith played in" but IMO, if anybody could make Percy Harvin look slow, or even average, it would be Jim Bollman.  

There isn't enough data available to make an accurate assessment on Smith's current "explosiveness", or his potential in the future. IMO, Smith is going to be a giant in Urban's offense next year. 

Smith might have ran by everyone for OSU this year but we'll never know because he had ZERO (0) rushing attempts (Why Jim, Why!??). In comparison, Harvin's freshman year at Florida, he had 41 attempts for 428 yards & 3 TDs (10.4 ypa). 

On the receiving end, as a freshman, Harvin had 34 receptions for 427 yards and 2TDs (12.6 ypc). Smith had 12 receptions for 247 yards and 4TDs (20.6 ypc). 

The data shows that while Harvin was involved in a significantly higher amount of plays, resulting in more yards, than Smith at OSU, Harvin only accounted for one (1) more TD. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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Good points.


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I compared him to Harvin for a reason: he was a star receiver in Urban's offensive scheme. On pure measurable alone, Devin is actually ahead of Harvin in terms of speed (hence the faster times) and explosiveness (hence the longer jump) and is bigger. But there's a lot more to making a receiver. Harvin was more physical than Smith and he "played faster". When he saw a seem, he commited to it and hit it full speed. There was no indecision to slow him down. He also had/has phenomenal vision.

I'll I'm saying is that if Devin can develop his vision and coordination (if he catches a slant or a ball underneath at full speed without breaking stride, he'd be ultra-dangerous) he could be just as good as Harvin. But Harvin's vision, tenacity, and decisiveness are intangibles that are really hard to teach. You can't learn them in a weight room. It comes from playing at full speed as often as possible.

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I think by explosiveness, we're talking about initial burst.  In long jump, the speed the jumper is running is vital, as is the jump of course, but there is a longer run-up when compared to a ball-carrier hitting the hole on a kick return, screen or end around.  Harvin's first 10-yard acceleration is ultra-elite, haven't seen that from Devin Smith yet, but maybe it's there, who knows until he gets used more.  I'm excited like you guys to see what Devin and the other boys can do in a more open offense.

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My daughter ran track in H.S, and made it to the O.H.S.A.A. finals at Jesse Owens. I know a thing or two about track and field. It is the perfect compliment to other sports. It doesn't require a lot of brain power, and should help with Devin's explosiveness even more and endurance somewhat.

Acceleration. Explosiveness. Power. Now if he can just catch the damn ball. That is what the Buckeye football team needs.



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IMO, Devin Smith can catch....

Don't text while driving.