Panoramic Shot of the Postgame Celebration

By Jason Priestas on October 30, 2011 at 4:05p

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I loved the victory and think that is a great picture.  However, I never thought I'd see the day when Buckeye fans stormed the field after beating a #15 ranked team.  Has it gotten that bad?

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It was homecoming and we beat a ranked opponent. What's the big deal?

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Hello William, welcome to 2011.  Seriously?  What's the big deal?  Have you been in a coma for the past 10 months?

That celebration was the release of frustration from the entire trip through hell that the Buckeye faithful have been suffered this year.

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Maestro I'm defending rushing the field. I can see how that can be completely misunderstood. I mean that as in it was homecoming, we beat a ranked opponent. What is the big deal in us rushing the field. Sorry for the poor sentence structure there.

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Gotcha.  Sorry for the dripping sarcasm.  The way that game finished there isn't a group of fans in the country that wouldn't have stormed the field.  Add the crap that this fan base has been through and it's wonder that Columbus still exists.

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Completely agree with you Maestro. My girlfriend and I took off from the student section and rushed into the tunnels so we could make it onto the field. Great experience.

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Jealous.  Glad you enjoyed yourself.

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When nobody gave us a chance to win,  and when Wisky took the lead it began to feel like the Nebraska game all over again. To have a win happen in that situation given all of the other crap that we have dealt with this year I think it is acceptable. (one time exception though!)

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First, Wisconsin might just be the best team in the B1G. So us beating them was a big deal and worthy of storming the field.

Second with all the off-season stuff going on re the NCAA investigation and all of the in-season stuff as far as Bauserbombs and the Bollrus, the original suspensions of Mike Adams, Dan Herron, Devier Posey, and Solomon Thomas combined with the suspensions of Jordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey Brown and then the further suspensions of Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, and Marcus Hall...

Well, the fact that this team managed to get a W against those odds and possibly still have a shot at the B1G CCG and maybe salvage the season, it's just phenomenal. Had I been there last night, I would have stormed the field too.

That game last night was a huge release for both the fans and the players and possibly a sign of great things that still might be achievable this season.

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A friend of mine who is not a Buckeye fan and who didn't watch the game asked me the same question.  I explained to him that a) the game itself was very close with 2 lead changes in the final 2 minutes and the game legitimately in question until the very last play, and b) getting the win against a team who had been predicted to win the Big Ten at the beginning of the season was a major turning point to our season, which had seemed pretty bleak just a couple weeks ago. 

So rushing the field represented a real catharsis for Buckeye fans.  We are now seeing the light at the end of what had seemed like an impossibly long tunnel.  I think Buckeye fans can and should be forgiven for rushing the field under these circumstances.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Yes, it had gotten that bad:

7.5 pt underdog AT HOME

Last time Bucks played at home, they were booed for an offensive offense.

Program contunually trashed and rehashed by Mark May, ESeCPN, SI, most major outlets who are silent on Suitgate, Oregon recruiting service payments for recruits, one game suspensions at Miami after the Yahoo piece.

NCAA suspensions, added suspensions, and weekly when's the other shoe gonna drop? 

Collapse at Nebraska.

Topped off with Wisky beating both #1 Football & BBALL the year before.

It was an emoitional release after all the negativity of the last 6 months. Besides, that was a wild finish.

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Wisconsin may have been ranked 15, but I would put them up with anyone not LSU or Bama and they could win.

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With the way the Buckeye defense is playing, I'd put them up against anyone right now. They held Wisconsin to UNDER 100 RUSHING YARDS! Russell Wilson put up good numbers passing, and AJ McCarron and Jarrett Lee are no Russell Wilson. I'd even put this team up against LSU and Bama with the way the D played last night. Not saying we'd win, but I could see it being a one score game.

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Maybe against Alabama, that's still a big maybe. LSU would still crush us. The only team that could beat LSU right now is Stanford I think.